Help! Our Own Safe Locked Us Out

PHOTO: The ABC News Fixer cracked one readers safe problems with a simple phone call.Getty Images
The ABC News Fixer cracked one reader's safe problems with a simple phone call.

Dear ABC News Fixer: We have a safe from the Cannon Safe Company. One day, we could not get into it – the dial was just spinning.

I called the company and got through to a live person. I told him the problem and he said my safe had a lifetime warranty. Great!

He gave me his direct extension and told me to call back with my model number and serial number. I called and left him five voice mails but he never called me back.

We needed to get into our safe by that Saturday, so I called our local locksmith. They do warranty work for Cannon. However, they couldn't reach anyone there either.

The locksmith came out and fixed the safe and it's working fine now. The problem is I never got reimbursed for the $212.50 I spent on the repair. This happened in June. I've sent letters and emails and made phone calls – nothing! Maybe you will have better luck.

- Jody Vie, Lone Jack, Mo.

Dear Jody: We did have better luck. We found someone at Cannon to call you to find out more about what happened. At first he told you he thought it wasn't a covered repair, but after you described it, he said he would call the locksmith for more info. A short while later, you got your answer: Cannon will pay for the repair.

So keep your eye out for that refund check!

- The ABC News Fixer

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