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Glenn Beck's gold line, Toyota under criminal probe & national security.

July 23, 2010— -- On this week's episode of "Brian Ross Investigates," ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross investigates Goldline, a California-based company that some investors say ripped them off with so-called collectable gold coins.

He also reports on more questions facing Toyota, after the motor company confirmed it is the subject of a criminal investigation by a federal grand jury in New York over what it knew and when over possible steering rod defects.

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Joining Ross in the ABC News studios in New York to talk about this week's Washington Post series "Top Secret America" into a huge buildup in national security since Sept. 11, is Richard Clarke, a former national security official and now an ABC News consultant.

Clarke tells Ross that the homeland security complex has "tripled in size" since 9/11 and explains why redundancy is sometimes necessary, while cautioning how it might be crossing into wasteful spending.

"When you're spending all of your time coordinating with 16 intelligence agencies… that takes away time from doing the mission," Clarke says.

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