Dear ABC News Fixer: Troubles With Unlimited AT&T

Dear ABC News Fixer: I'm an active duty member of the U.S. Air Force. I've been stationed overseas since September 2010.

My cell phone company, AT&T, was very gracious and allowed me to put my two numbers on hold. They told me I needed to call about every 15 months or reactivate my phones so my numbers would still be available.

I've gone back to the States for leave at least three times while I've been here. The last time I went home for an extended period of time was last June. I reactivated my numbers at that time.

I had two unlimited data plans for our iPhones. I know this plan is no longer offered, but I was told that since I had the plan when my phone service was initially put on hold, I could reactivate it every time.

Well, AT&T left the unlimited plan on one of the lines, but failed to keep it on for the other number.

I was told there was nothing they could do because the plan is no longer offered. Is this true?

I've been a loyal customer, I've paid the bills and I have enjoyed my service with AT&T. But this mistake does not seem fair.

- Aisha McDonald, Cambridgeshire, U.K.

Dear Aisha: You first got wind of this costly error when you received a phone bill that jumped from about $150 to $350. Since then, you've been in England and are not using these phone accounts.

But when you get re-stationed to the States this fall and go back to AT&T, you'd prefer not to pay a 133 percent increase.

An eternal optimist, the ABC News Fixer believes there's a way to fix almost everything. And in this case there was. After we made AT&T's top honchos aware of the problem, they found a way to reinstate your original data plan on the second line.

You're all set for when you move back here, and if there is any snag you now have the direct office number and cell phone number for the AT&T rep who handled this.

- The ABC News Fixer

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