Osama Bin Laden Wives to Be Jailed, Deported from Pakistan

Three of terror leader's wives get over a month in jail for illegal entry.

April 2, 2012 — -- Three of Osama bin Laden's wives and two daughters have been sentenced to more than a month in jail in Pakistan and will then be deported for living in the country illegally, Pakistani officials said today.

The women were given 45 days in jail -- with the count beginning March 3 when the court case was first filed -- and will pay a fine of 10,000 Pakistani rupees, about $110, each. The women are expected to serve their term out in the house in which they're currently living, which has been declared a sub-jail in Pakistan.

In the course of the illegal entry case against bin Laden's wives, investigators revealed new details about the al Qaeda leader's life in the shadows before he was killed by U.S. Navy SEALs last May.

According to a police report obtained by ABC News, bin Laden's youngest wife, Amal Ahmad Abdul Fatah, told investigators that for a majority of the near-decade between the 9/11 attacks and bin Laden's death, he did not live deep in rugged caves in the Afghan border region as was the popular belief but stayed in various houses in major Pakistani cities. While he was hiding, bin Laden managed to father four children -- at least two of whom were born in government hospitals in Pakistan.

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And though bin Laden was apparently not roughing it in the mountains, Phil Mudd, one of the men who hunted bin Laden with the CIA, said that his last years confined in his walled compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, with multiple wives and children most likely was not stress-free.

"I can only begin to imagine that that looked like American reality TV," said Mudd, "that he was living in some version of the Kardashians in Abbottabad."

Amal, 30, was shot in the leg defending bin Laden during the Navy SEAL raid.

"That kind of self sacrifice was something often discussed by bin Laden and other members of his family," said Steve Coll, author of "Ghost Wars: The Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan and Bin Laden."

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But another subject discussed inside the Abottabad compound was betrayal. Bin Laden spent his final days trapped indoors with two feuding wives. Bin Laden's oldest wife, Khairiah Sabar, appeared at the Abbottabad house in February or March 2011, just months before bin Laden's death, after a long separation, according to a detailed account compiled by a retired Pakistani army officer.

Khalid bin Laden, the son of the al Qaeda leader and a third wife also living in the compound, asked Khairiah why she had come to Abbottabad after so many years.

"I have one final duty to perform for my husband," Khairiah reportedly told Khalid; the son rushed to tell his father that she was going to betray him.

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