Accused Russian Spy Angry Over Sex Photos; Says Ex-Husband is Telling Lies

Anna Chapman remains jailed without bail in New York.

July 7, 2010— -- Anna Chapman, the sexy redhead accused of spying for Russia, is angry that her ex-husband sold naked photos of her and lied about her to tabloid newspapers, according to her lawyer.

"Anna said when those photos were taken she was 21-years-old. He asked her to pose and she agreed because she thought they would be private," said Chapman's attorney Robert Baum.

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Over the 4th of July weekend photos of Anna naked in bed and posing with sex toys graced the covers of newspapers around the world.

Her ex-husband, Alex Chapman, told the Daily Mirror of London that Chapman was "great in bed and she knew exactly what to do." He also said Chapman told him her father worked for the KGB.

"Virtually all the statements he made about her are not true," said Baum.

Baum said Chapman's father, Vasily Kushchenko, is an embassy official for Russia.

"He spent many years in Kenya and Zimbabwe - not exactly where you would send your KGB agent to," said Baum.

Baum said he has spoken with Chapman's family in Russia. Her ex-husband told them he was misquoted in the newspapers and never said what was printed, according to Baum, though he never explained how newspapers got the naked photos of her from when they were married.

Baum said Chapman is "disappointed" by her ex-husband's betrayal. He said Chapman told him that the divorce was not amicable, and that "there were some very substantive issues which led her to initiate the divorce which she is unwilling to discuss publicly."

Chapman's ex-husband also reportedly claimed that he had spoken to her since the arrest, which Baum refuted. He said Chapman has no access to a phone, speaks to no one but him, and is only let out of her cell for an hour day.

Baum said that since she has no access to TV or newspapers, she learned of the tabloid photos and her ex-husband's remarks in the press from him.

Chapman was arrested June 27 for allegedly working as an agent for the Russian government. She is currently being detained without bail in New York.

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