Son Suspects ‘Welfare Queen’ May Have Stolen Baby Paul Fronczak


Baby Fronczak was stolen from his mother’s arms when a woman came into the maternity ward in the Chicago hospital and claimed a doctor wanted to see the baby. After the baby was stolen, authorities released a sketch of the mystery woman. Harbough said that except for the nose, the sketch could be showing his mother.

In the 1970s, when Linda Taylor was put on trial for welfare fraud, she actually came under investigation for stealing the Fronczak baby. A local newspaper reported that one of her ex-husbands said that one day in the mid-1960s Talyor appeared with a newborn baby, even though she was not pregnant.

Isaiah Gant, Taylor’s lawyer during her trial in the 1970s, told ABC News that Taylor never admitted anything about the stolen baby, but said he wouldn’t put it past her.

“I’m telling you, the woman was just a chameleon,” he said. “She could be anything. So I couldn’t rule out the possibility that she could be involved in something like that.”

The FBI told ABC News they are looking back at Taylor’s possible involvement with fresh eyes.

Harbaugh said he didn’t say anything to the authorities about the sudden appearance of the baby because he was in trouble with the law back then. He hadn’t told his story until he spoke with ABC News and a reporter from in recent months.

Harbaugh said the baby disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. One day he came home from school and the child was gone. Harbaugh said he’s “positive” it was taken by one of Taylor's boyfriends to Tennessee.

The boyfriend worked for the American Rivet Company and a former employee there confirmed to ABC News’ “20/20” that the man had moved to a small town in Tennessee called Sevierville.

However, when the “20/20” team reached Sevierville, there were no records to be found matching the name Harbaugh had given.

Today, Harbaugh said he regrets he didn’t take action five decades ago.

“I mean, there’s nothing I could say to them. I couldn’t apologize enough for not turning her in,” he said.

ABC News’ Gail Deutsch, Andrew Paparella and Alexa Valiente contributed to this report.

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