Obama Returns More Rezko-Linked Cash

The presidential candidate makes another $72,000 donation to charity.

ByAvni Patel

Jan. 30, 2008— -- The campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama is donating to charity an additional $72,650 in contributions linked to Antoin "Tony" Rezko.

The donations come after an ABCNews.com review found that the campaign had kept tens of thousands in contributions from Rezko's wife, family and employees of his businesses, despite claims made by Obama that the campaign had returned all contributions linked to the accused political fixer.

"Sen. Obama directed a further review of contributions made by family members and employees of Tony Rezko, and also by others who may have contributed through his efforts on behalf of the senator's 2004 Senate campaign," said Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton. "As a result, the campaign is today donating to charity $72,650, equal to the total amount of contributions made by Mr. Rezko's family members, employees of his companies and those whose contributions may be connected to the fundraiser at his home. By refunding these donations, the campaign has returned any and all funds that could be reasonably credited to Mr. Rezko's political support."

With the latest donations, Obama has returned a total of $149,985 in contributions from Rezko and his associates since Rezko was indicted on federal fraud charges in the fall of 2006.

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