$10 Million Woman: Palin a Hit with GOP Donors

McCain campaign has raised over $10 million since Palin tapped.

ByABC News
September 1, 2008, 10:48 AM

Sept. 1, 2008— -- The McCain campaign raised more than $10 million in the two and a half days after Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was named as the vice presidential running mate, bringing the total raised in the month of August to more than $47 million, campaign officials tell ABC News.

The final, official figures are expected to be reported in the next few days, but the amount appears to be a record for the McCain campaign, almost twice as much as it has raised in any other single month.

"We're still counting," said campaign spokesman Brian Rogers.

"We were blown away," said one top McCain official. "She has energized our base and when we see the money flowing like that we know we have a hit," said the official.

As a result, the official said, Palin will be asked to spend at least 80 per cent of her time raising money between now and the election.

Under federal election laws, the McCain campaign cannot spend any of the privately raised funds after today, Sept. 1, because the candidate has opted to take $87 million in public funds.

The McCain campaign official said any excess money will be steered to various state committees and other candidates, as provided for under the law.

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