Wanted German Terrorist Surfaces on al Qaeda Video

Officials feared Eric Breininger was headed to the US or Europe for attacks.

October 23, 2008— -- A 21-year old German citizen whom officials feared was preparing to carry out an attack in the US or Europe has surfaced in a new al Qaeda video, claiming he is still in Afghanistan.

"I am in Afghanistan and, personally, do not plan to carry out an attack on Germany," Eric Breininger said on the video downloaded by ABCNews.com from a internet site often used by al Qaeda.

Last month, German officials issued a wanted poster with Breininger's photo warning that his German passport and Caucasian appearance would make it easy for him to slip into German or the US without notice.

On the video, Breininger is seen in traditional Afghan garb firing an automatic weapon.

He mocks German authorities for "using my name and that of the Islamic Jihad Union to spread alarm in Germany."

Breininger, however, said the Germans, Americans and British faced attacks because of the presence of their troops in Afghanistan.

"We declare war on any country that fights against Muslims at the side of the United States," he said.

"However, the Germans are so blinded by the press that the people apparently demanded even more soldiers and intelligence services, which logically increase the risk of attacks on German territory," he concluded on the six minute video.

He had appeared on an earlier video in April praising suicide attacks and vowing to wage war on Germany.

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