EXCLUSIVE: 'Be More Aggressive': Tom DeLay Says GOP Needs to Go After 'Obama Agenda' Even Harder

Former GOP leader still speaks to Abramoff; Won't rule out return to politics.

July 16, 2010, 12:20 PM

August 20, 2010— -- Despite the corruption and lobbying scandals that ensnared Republicans in Congress and triggered a Democratic resurgence over the past decade, Tom DeLay has only one piece of advice for GOP leaders as they attempt to retake the House in the upcoming midterm elections: Be more aggressive.

"The biggest change that I think they need [is] to be more aggressive at turning back the Obama agenda," the former House majority leader told ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent Brian Ross in a lengthy, wide ranging interview on this week's episode of "Brian Ross Investigates."

The interview was conducted after the Justice Department informed DeLay it would be dropping its six-year probe into his conduct in office.

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And he criticized the media – including ABC News -- for creating what he said was an impression that political corruption is far more widespread than it really is.

"It's not bad enough now to just beat them at policy or let them ruin your reputation," DeLay said. "They've got to bankrupt you, ruin your family, put you in jail, put you in the grave, and then dance on your grace. That's not good for the country."

The Texas Republican also did not rule out a return to elected office.

"I don't know what the Lord has in store for me," he smiled when asked if he would ever run again.

Perhaps the most striking moment of the 20-minute interview came when Ross asked DeLay if he felt there were any lessons to take from the Abramoff scandal and an era in which free-spending lobbyists lavished members of congress with meals, trips, and campaign donations.

"None at all," DeLay said, staring blankly. "The lesson to learn is, don't break the law."

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Tom DeLay on the Jack Abramoff Scandal

Delay and Ross have tangled repeatedly over the years, as ABC News traveled to the South Pacific to show the then-majority leader embracing Abramoff and being feted by his clients. ABC News also captured some of the first footage of the famously lavish DeLay fundraising events at the Republican National Convention – events which had historically been closed to the public.

Asked if money had been a negative force in Washington, DeLay said he did not think it was.

"I don't believe it. I was good at raising it. And I used it to advance the conservative cause," he said. "Money can corrupt corruptible people, [but] most people are not corrupt."

When Ross asked the former congressman if he believed Abramoff had a corrupting influence on Washington, DeLay responded, "Absolutely not." While DeLay entertained a handful of questions about the conviction of Jack Abramoff, he became increasingly agitated when asked about the case that led to the lobbyist's conviction. At several points, DeLay threatened to walk out of the interview if discussion of Abramoff continued.

There were lighter moments, though, as when Ross asked DeLay about his unexpected appearance on the reality television show Dancing With the Stars.

"I love to dance," DeLay smiled. "I had a great time doing it."

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