420 Inspires the Craziest Marijuana Reviews

Cannabis users celebrate April 20.

1. TMI

Nothing is off limits for this reviewer when it comes to this suitably named strain, Love Potion #1:

"Wow. So my girlfriend and I bought this, completely not making the connection between the name and effects. Needless to say, it's done great things for both of our libidos," Leafly.com user sammipear writes.

2. "Some pretty cool portraits"

This strain apparently doesn't just boost your relationship but your creativity as well.

"I also really enjoy how it makes me want to draw and play music," the user writes. "Some pretty cool portraits have come out of smoking this stuff."

3. "Defiantly pick this up"

This Leafly.com user puts it more concisely about the same strain, whether it's "defiantly" or "definitely."

"This makes you so horny ha! And if you actually get some it makes intercourse feel better and longer ! Lots of energy! Very euphoric! But when you come down 3 hours later expect to be very tired and aroused. Defiantly pick this up," SheLovestoSesh writes.

4. Word limit: 500

"I highgress...Marijuana: neither a weed not a cooking vessel. Discuss.

"Childrens, while I myself do not indulge, I support those who find respite and responsible relaxation. In my boring grown-up job, I have long been an advocate for medicinal cannabis and have many patients (some terminal; some with seizures and other conditions) report wonderful relief from the ravages of their disease."

But this other user on Yelp isn't so much a fan of this clinic. "The budtenders aren't actual budtenders. They bring you stuff and leave... it's awful. as seen on pot barons (and it wasn't a good look)but yeah man, apple store... totally. i think it's more of a crab-apple store than anything."

6. "Still do to skateboard"

"Tvrtles420" writes on Leafly.com that this strain may inspire activities that your teenage neighbor will enjoy, or something:

"It got me very giggly but chill, I wanted or still do to skateboard or do something active, didn't disappoint but wasn't amazing, good strain."

7. He was not joking about the giggling

The reviewer aptly named "Understoned" agrees on the "giggling" part and writes on Leafly.com: "Instant giggles. This strain lets me put aside my problems and have a good time.”

8. Dangerous downward dog

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