Top Nine Outrageous Airline Fees and Extreme Flying Charges

While the bathroom is still free, airlines now charge fees for everything else.

ByABC News
April 10, 2009, 12:59 PM

April 13, 2009— -- Just in time for the summer flying season, it looks like airlines and airports have found a new way to squeeze some more money out of us.

Drivers at Luton Airport -- a venue north of London, England, favored by discount airlines -- must now pay to drop off travelers.

That's right, the airport is charging motorists roughly $1.50 just to pull up to the curb and let grandma out to catch her flight.

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Have the airlines simply gone too far?

Well, love them or hate them -- and we guess most folks hate them -- these add-on fees look like they are here to stay.

So, buckle up, put your seatbacks and tray tables in an upright position and get ready for ABC News' list of the nine most outrageous flying fees. And don't fret, we're sure there will be plenty of more fees coming soon to an airport near you.