12 Under $12: Good Wines, Low Prices

Gary Vaynerchuk's picks wines that are easy on the wallet.

February 9, 2009, 11:23 AM

June 1, 2007 — -- Gary Vaynerchuk knows wine.

The director of the Wine Library in Springfield, N.J., and star of the no-holds-barred webcast, "Wine Library TV," has been immersed in the stuff since the age of 16. Read more here.

Vaynerchuk believes a good bottle of wine doesn't have to cost a lot. Check below for his picks for 12 bottles under $12. Look for them at the liquor store, or go to WineLibrary.com to buy them online.

Vaynerchuk: "Amazing little Chianti. Everyone needs a nice $8 Italian red for pizza night."

Vaynerchuk: "Bordeaux is a staple and it doesn't have to be $50. Look for this steal."

Vaynerchuk: "This is a steal and better than many $15 to $24 Pinot Grigios out there."

Vaynerchuk: "Cotes du Rhone is [Trader Joe's] $2 Buck Chuck on steroids. You get so much value. This reminds me of many $30 wines."

Vaynerchuk: "Even though Hollywood tells you merlot stinks, I am like Justin Timberlake, I am bringing merlot back!"

Vaynerchuk: "Godello is the new hottest white wine in the market. These wines will be double in price in three years after it gets the 'street cred.' Buy up now!"

Vaynerchuk: "Chile has long been known for value but this cabernet smokes most Cali cabs twice the price!"

Vaynerchuk: "This red blend from the Rhone Valley reminds me you can get serious wine for under 10 bones!"

Vaynerchuk: "Spain is loaded with values but when you can buy two of these bottles for $12 I feel like I am hanging with Michael J. Fox and going back 20 years! Prices like this are rare for wines of this caliber."

Vaynerchuk: "With Yellow Tail dominating people's minds, it's sad that a serious wine like this at $9 gets overlooked. This is what I call a joke. It's funny how good this is for the money."

Vaynerchuk: "Say it with me C-A-V-A -- cava is the sparkling wine that is a third of the price of champagne and honestly can hang right there with their rivals from France."

Vaynerchuk: "Washington state has a serious chance to make us all forget about California. I am serious -- what is happening in the Northwest right now has the potential to change the wine world!"

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