What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

Spas, jewelry and flowers aren't top gifts. Recessionary wishes: family time.

ByABC News
May 5, 2009, 1:09 PM

May 6, 2009— -- What do moms want most for Mother Day's this year? Jewelry? Flowers? A fancy dinner out?

Sure those things would be nice, but what moms across the country told ABC News is that -- more than anything else -- they just want to spend time with their families.

Maybe the deep recession has made Americans refocus on traditional values and what matters most to us. Perhaps moms understand best how much people are struggling to pay their bills and don't want to pile any more of a burden on their children.

No matter what, the unscientific sampling of readers who responded to ABC News' question, "What's your idea of the perfect Mother's Day gift?," overwhelming indicated that it was not material items. Sure there was some pampering mixed in, but what hard-working mom doesn't deserve a little rest and relaxation?

Here is a sampling of our favorite responses. Feel free to borrow the ideas for your mother. Maybe she'll be pleasantly surprised.

Kelley MacDonald, of Tiverton, R.I.: "What I really 'want' for Mother's Day is a sunny day with my three wonderful children, all in their 20s, helping me do the 'big stuff' in my garden. I don't want them to spend any money on me -- they don't have it to spend! I don't want something I have to dust, or even a gift certificate. I'd like it if we all shared some laughs, threw some burgers on the grill, and everybody tidied up afterward. I'd like everyone to hug each other before they left I'd go to sleep so happy and peacefully, with a blessing like that -- which is actually not so different from any other time they visit."

Colleen Gonzales, of Monroe, N.C.: "What I want for Mother's Day is to have all the house cleaned, including laundry. Breakfast, lunch and dinner catered to me, since for the past 11 years all I have done is cook, clean, shuffle children to and from different places. Wipe runny noses and give kisses to booboos all day. I would like a nice family picture. I would like a haircut and color because my gray is showing quite well for the age of 32. Yep, 32 and lots of gray, considering I have four boys from the age of 11 to 2 years old. No flowers or candy, just to be able to pamper myself."

Kristin Howland, of La Verne, Calif., has two children, ages 12 and 15.

"For one day, I'd like the things that would make my life easier: When there are dirty dishes on the counter, wash them. When I ask what sounds good for dinner, answer with something not just 'I don't know' or 'Whatever.' If you have to step over it to get where you're going, pick it up and put it away. If you use the last of the milk, tell me. On the way to school is too late for me to wash your PE clothes. A day where I do not need to orchestrate the cleaning, washing, cooking, homework would be heavenly."

Nichole Funk-King, of South Point, Ohio,: "Having my car payment and the rest of my rental deposit caught up, not having to worry about where I would get the money for groceries for me and my daughter and oh yeah, did I mention a microwave?! And a whole carefree day to spend with my daughter and my mother going out to eat and maybe a little shopping. I want just a few simple things. As a single mother, the simple things make my life easier.