Fashion Icon Moss Releases Ultra-Thin Clothing Line

In a time when more and more famous people -- politicians among them -- are being forced out of the closet, fashion icon, model and muse Kate Moss has decided to dive back into her closet and become a designer.

Moss is collaborating with Britain's ultra-hip and affordable fashion destination Top Shop.

This fashion fairytale has just been unveiled across the pond and at Barneys, New York's famous mecca of fashion.

In London there was pandemonium, a veritable circus, with clothing inspired by a kissable cocaine-free Kate in the center ring surrounded by a flock of fawning fashionista fans. So once again a phoenix rises from the ashes.

A brief stop in rehab and her career is once again phenomenally larger than her tiny stature. It seems like only yesterday she was fashion and tabloid road kill kicked to the curb with the bold headline "canceled" stamped across many of her high-paying contracts.

But here is the real shocker: If you are an average American woman you wear between a size 12-16. But regular girls beware; Kate is not thinking about you and your fashion needs if you are not a "waif." There probably won't be a thing for you to wear because our heroine Kate (no pun intended) is offering a slightly narcissistic marketing plan. Her styles come only in sizes 0-6.

Well that is great for Lilliputians in Lilliput. Keira Knightly, Nicole Richie and far too many others of this new breed of waifish starlets are going to be squeezin' their very average size 8-10 butts into Kate's clothes this season, but not many of my girlfriends will be.

At this time our society is so weight-conscious that everywhere you look there is something about losing weight -- "Celebrity Fit Club," Marcia Brady (Maureen McCormick), losing all that weight like her predecessors of petiteness, Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli, Ricki Lake being reborn and repackaged as an ultra-thin celeb, etc.

In many stores you can buy a plethora of pills -- like Relacor, Hydroxycut and many more -- to just burn that fat away. (What happened to sensible eating and exercise?)

Plush ladies, just so you know, most men prefer a little junk in the trunk and some think curvyliciousness is phat, sexy and real. So after all, who do you really want to be like -- a waif model with a reoccurring drug problem and a penchant for bad boys? Or can you just be happy being the best you can be in your own clothes?

As a model and the girlfriend of rock 'n' roller and self-proclaimed junkie Pete Doherty, it was no shock to see the photos of a partying Kate indulging in cocaine splashed across the papers around the globe. But what about her 24/7 job of being a mother and her position as "role model" as the big bucks spokeswoman, who actually bankrolls the blow bonanzas?

Are we so kind and forgiving that we turn the other cheek, forgive and forget? Obviously because Kate's earnings are bigger and better than before. But what happened to actually living up to being a legend? To actually being the best you can be? To living a good life?

You like to think good does eventually triumph over evil, but in Hollywood and the news media these days not so much. Celebrity events seem to be only the preshow for the comeback once-upon-a-time porn video.

Drug busts, racial slander and arrests used to spell trouble for a career. Celebrities had at least the appearance of a conscience. But now, alas, they are just a brand selling perfume, books, clothes, anything an agent can put their name on and make a buck off of.

Why you may ask do we want to drink 50 Cent's vitamin water, use Kathy Ireland's lamps or smell like Britney Spears?

Because people live for the moment of instant gratification. Kids don't want to be a "great singer," they want to be a "star" like Beyonce. They want to be a "great actress" and tell stories, and they want to be "famous" like Lindsay Lohan. Everyone wants that touch of celebrity -- Madonna's wardrobe from H&M was a major coup.

I'm sure there will be pandemonium and fashion frenzy as the hordes of celebrity stalkers descend on Barneys for a small piece of Kate's goddess frocks. Among them is a sexy, yellow, flowing chiffon dress that clearly mimics a dress Kate wore out on the town once upon a time. The prices are set to range from $20.00 to $300.00. Not bad for a taste of the dream. Size six and under please.

Philip Bloch is a stylist and author who lives in New York City and Los Angeles

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