How to Change Your Life and Live Your Dream With Sarah Centrella

Centrella is the author of the new book “Hustle Believe Receive."

ByABC News
February 18, 2016, 4:47 PM

— -- Sarah Centrella, author of the new book “Hustle Believe Receive: An 8-Step Plan to Changing Your Life and Living Your Dream," had to do some serious soul searching when her marriage abruptly ended. When Centrella’s husband left, she had not worked in two years and had three children to look after, including two twin girls who were barely a year old. With no money in her accounts, Centrella found herself at rock bottom.

“I found myself having to start over with absolutely nothing,” Centrella told ABC News.

Centrella was adamant about bringing new change to her life. “If I have to start over, if I have to rebuild this life, then I want a totally different life,” Centrella said with a laugh. She put together an 8-step success plan and created what she calls the HBR method: “Hustle Believe Receive.”

Centrella took her life by the reins and within 28 months she moved from rock bottom to an executive of a software company. The first step in her plan is “dream it,” and the second step is “think it.” The “think it” step is what Centrella said is the most important.

“Think it, is the core of everything,” Centrella said.

Centrella’s book also features 51 inspiring stories of people she sought out and interviewed for “Hustle Believe Receive.” Centrella was determined to find other self-made people with inspiring stories that she could connect with. After speaking with each person, Centrella came to a core realization.

“I started with my crew, the people I knew in my life and just asked them to tell me their story and every time all eight steps in the book showed up," she said.

We met a few of the contributors at a book reading at Barnes and Noble in New York City. These contributors include Stephanie Thavixay, Charles Archer, Andrea Weinberg, Lonnell Williams, Kimberley Hatchett, Dan Felix and Nikki McCallum. See more from them in the video above and the extended livestream video below.