A Day in the Life of the YouTube Star Who Paid His Parents' Mortgage

Timothy DeLaGhetto says his YouTube channel drives his six-figure income.

ByABC News
July 30, 2014, 5:29 PM

— -- The lifestyle of Tim Chantarangsu, a YouTube sensation with 2.5 million subscribers, reflects that of a young man who makes enough to pay for his parents' mortgage while enjoying his youth.

Chantarangsu, whose income is primarily driven by advertisements from his YouTube channel Timothy DeLaGhetto, said his typical day starts when he wakes up around 10 a.m.

He lives in a two-bedroom condo in Paramount, California, not too far from his parents, who were the subject of a YouTube video and recipients of $340,000 to pay off their home mortgage.

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Chantarangsu said he either records his YouTube videos from his home, or shoots skits with a production team in a studio or outdoors. He is a regular on MTV2's improvisation show, "Wild 'N Out," hosted by actor and television personality Nick Cannon.

Tim Delaghetto posted this photo to Instagram on Jan. 14, 2013 with the caption, "It's real out here in these streets. Tryna keep warm. #MyBodyIsReady

"If I’m not shooting a skit or in studio recording music, I’m going to meetings and writing scripts and music. And when I’m not doing that stuff, I hit up my close friends and hang out get some food. When I’m not working, I like to just chill," he said.

Sometimes he shoots videos in his Audi convertible.

While his weekly schedule varies, every Monday, he has dinner with his parents while the family-owned restaurant is closed. They will either go out to another restaurant or enjoy his mom's cooking, he said.

Tim Delaghetto posted this video to Instagram on July 29, 2014 with the caption, "My new video is pretty special to me. Somethin I've been workin towards for a long time. Seen it yet?"

Although he normally eats out, he said he's been tempering the Southern California cuisine these days.

"I’m trying to eat healthy, because I’m trying to get sexy right now," he said with a laugh. "For the most part, I eat out or eat at my family’s restaurant."

Tim Delaghetto is pictured with his girlfriend, Chia, in this photo posted to Instagram on July 23, 2014.

His main squeeze of almost three years is Chia Habte, who has a growing social media following of her own.

"She lives in Canada, and that’s who my parents want me to have grandkids with," he said.

Tim Delaghetto posted this photo to Instagram on July 25, 2014 with the caption, "Originally sent this to @chia_habte askin her how she liked my hurrrcut. She liked it. Thanks @thecooljoey for the fresh cut!!!"

He said he spotted her on the Facebook page of her best friend, a mutual acquaintance.

"I said, 'Who’s that sexy-ass girl? She said that’s my best friend.' After that, we messaged each other. I had a show in Canada and I've been flying to Canada ever since," he told ABC News.