Delta Increases Ticket-Change Fee to $100

A T L A N T A, Jan. 30, 2001 -- Delta Air Lines has begun charging $100 to change a ticket, following the lead of several rivals.

The new fee, an increase from the previous $75, applies to all domestic Delta and Delta Connection flights but not to international flights or flights on Delta Express, its Florida-based discount subsidiary. The ticket-change fee for Delta Shuttle flights was increased to $75 from $50.

"Each time a reservation is changed, the ability to sell the seat is diminished," spokesman Russ Williams said.

Delta's new fees took effect Monday.

Continental Airlines initiated the ticket-fee increase on Jan. 19, with United quickly matching the increase and American raising its fee to $90.

Trans World Airlines raised the fee to $100 on tickets to and from Hawaii and is studying whether to apply the fee to other markets. Northwest and America West airlines said they are studying the issue.

Alaska Airlines does not plan to raise its $50 fee, spokesman Jack Walsh said. USAirways has not raised its $75 fee and a spokesman declined to comment on whether it will.

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines charges only the fare difference when changing a ticket.