Inside Designer Rebecca Minkoff’s Closet: 9 Secrets Revealed

What Rebecca Minkoff wears to the one thing to have in your closet right now.

ByABC News
January 16, 2015, 4:58 PM

— -- Designer extraordinaire Rebecca Minkoff is living her dream. Her luxury handbags and edgy clothes are worn by celebrities and women everywhere. But it didn't begin that way. A decade ago, Rebecca was struggling, out of money and even begging her family for help.

When along came her fairy god-mother, or shall we refer to him as fairy god-brother Uri Minkoff. He bet his entire life savings to save her business -- with one condition: “The one rule was she couldn't have a bad boyfriend that was going to interfere in the business," Uri Minkoff, CEO and co-founder of Rebecca Minkoff, told ABC News.

The result? Rebecca Minkoff’s multi-million dollar bags and clothing line is a super success.

Now Rebecca and brother Uri are at the cutting edge, transforming the way we shop with two new high-tech, brick and mortar stores in New York City and San Francisco.

The in-store shopping experience is like no other. You can shop on an interactive video display, order clothes directly to your dressing room and even order a sparkling water.

If you've shopped in Manhattan on a busy weekend, then you’re probably familiar with the excruciating long lines waiting for a dressing room. Rebecca and Uri have taken this painful experience into consideration and in an interview with ABC’s chief business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, Uri Minkoff explained how their technology eliminates the wait.

“What’s great about this technology, you can keep shopping here, or if you want, you can go across the street and get a cup of coffee," he said. "And when your fitting room is ready with the items that you've chosen, then we’ll actually send you a text message.”

Once inside the dressing room, the magic really begins. High-tech tags attached to all merchandise recognize the product and shopper's items automatically appear on the mirror which turns into a touch screen.

If the item doesn't fit, you can request another size from a store stylist with a click of a digital button and even adjust the lighting to see how your outfit will look at a nightclub verses a luncheon with daytime light.

So who are the brilliant brains behind this breakthrough brand?

On “Real Biz with Rebecca Jarvis” we take you “Behind Your Favorite Brands” and asked Rebecca Minkoff and her brother Uri to tell us their secrets.

Here are 9 secrets revealed from Rebecca Minkoff:

1. What does Rebecca Minkoff wear?

“I tend to wear a lot of black but I’m immersed in so much color all the time that I think it’s a good way for me to sort of remain neutral.”

2. What time do you wake up?

7:30. Minkoff's alarm sounds like “A bomb going off.”

3. #1 style tip for getting dressed in the morning?

"I think you should always put on one thing that makes you slightly uncomfortable. Not physically uncomfortable but takes you out of your comfort zone."

4. #1 thing to have in your closet right now?

A Wes Moto Rebecca Minkoff Jacket and Rebecca Minkoff handbag.Outside of the Minkoff brand, her brother Uri Minkoff says everyone, man or woman, must have a great "navy blazer.”

5. Ugliest fashion trend of all time?

“When the platforms are too high and a girl looks like she’s going to break her ankle, I just say no.” said Rebecca Minkoff. Uri Minkoff added, “Too much loose, overflowing fabric.”

6. #1 selling bag right now?

The morning after mini clutch in black and rose gold and black and black.

7. If you could dress any celebrity who would it be?

“I love Kate Moss’ style.”

8. Worst piece of advice Rebecca Minkoff ever got when she first started her company?

“You’re first photo shoot has to be beautiful with the best models and the best photographer.” Minkoff revealed she only had $10,000 when she first moved to New York City and she blew all of it on one photo shoot for “the best photographer and the best model.”

Later she realized that advice was completely wrong she would have been better off doing her first photo shoot “DIY style.”

9. What do you want this company to be 10 years from now?

“I would love to see Rebecca Minkoff and Ben Minkoff stores globally and have a huge customer base in our stores be a very full lifestyle brand that we touch every area of a woman and man’s life, whether it be from the accessories for her phone to her bag to her furniture and her children’s clothing.”