Labor Day Deals: The Best Bargains and End-of-Summer Sales

The holiday weekend means big bargains and huge end-of-summer deals.

ABC News’ Becky Worley mapped out the best deals to help you steer clear of some buying pitfalls.

Let’s start with buying a car.

“Auto dealers are always trying to clear out their lots to make way for the newest models,” Benjamin Glaser, features director at DealNews, told ABC News.

If you are thinking about buying before the end of the tax year, go for it.

“Negotiate hard,” Worley said. “These guys are under a lot of pressure to move cars off the lot.”

Next up is summer clothes.

Worley says to look for an extra 50 percent off the sales rack at J. Crew. Lord and Taylor has an extra 25 percent off clearance items and the Gap has a blanket 30 percent off deal on everything. Amazon is offering a rare 20 percent off coupon code on a large selection of shoes and clothing.

Electronics is a bit trickier.

Worley says televisions will get cheaper around Black Friday, so hold off. But there are a few lingering back-to-school laptop deals out there.

But if you were thinking about buying a new phone, you should wait.

Worley adds that you should also wait to make your fall fashion purchases.

“If you’re seeing sales that say ‘big discounts on all the new arrivals,’ think about it. They’ll be cheaper as we get closer to Black Friday,” Worley said.

For holiday air travel, however, you should definitely go ahead and buy.

And, finally, you can get great deals on outdoor sports gear.

REI has a sale on 25 percent off their clearance bikes and this is the shoulder season to get deals on skiing and snowboarding gear,” Worley said.

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