Mega Millions Winning Tickets Sold in Maryland, Kansas, Illinois

Three states sold the winning numbers.

March 31, 2012— -- Three lucky ticket holders in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas will share a $656 million prize, the largest lottery jackpot in U.S. history.

The three tickets matched all five numbers including the megaball number.

Friday's winning numbers were: 2, 4, 23, 38, 46, and megaball 23.

The initial total jackpot estimate was $640 million but was revised to $656 million today.

Before taxes, lottery officials said each winning jackpot ticket was expected to be worth more than $213 million.

The Maryland lottery reported a winning ticket was sold in Baltimore County.

The ticket was purchased at a 7-11 store in Milford, Md. The identity of the winner is still unknown. In Maryland, lottery winners have the option to remain anonymous.

"This is truly remarkable and historic," said Maryland Lottery Director Stephen Martino. "We can't wait to greet the winner of this world-record setting jackpot."

The Kansas ticket was sold in northeast part of the state. Like Maryland, the winner can choose to remain anonymous. The winning retail store can also remain anonymous.

Kansas officials said that the winning retail store will receive a $10,000 prize - compared with Maryland which awards a percentage of the winning ticket – about $100,000 in this case.

The winning ticket in Illinois was sold in the small town of Red Bud, which has a population of 3,640. The lucky numbers were the result of a quick pick, the Associated Press reported.

It's the largest lottery prize in Illinois history.

Denise Metzger, manager of the MotoMart convenience store that sold the ticket said that company will get a bonus check of $500,000 according to state lottery rules.

"Just being a part of this is awesome enough, you know, just the energy around here and seeing the smiles on people's faces and the hope on people's faces and this has just been a thrill ride, I can't explain it," Metzger said.

Unlike Maryland and Kansas, lottery winners are identified in Illinois.

Other Winners

A payout of $250,000 each will go to the 158 players nationwide who matched five of five winning numbers.

The jackpot shot up to more than $640 million from $540 million Friday after hordes of hopeful winners plunked down their cash to purchase tickets in the 42 participating U.S. states.

Some 400 million Mega Millions tickets were sold in the last 48 hours leading up to Friday night's drawing.

The previous jackpot record was $390 million, which was split between two winners in 2007.

The cash lump sum payment for Friday's jackpot was worth $474.2 million, up from $389.8 million.

ABC News Radio contributed to this report.