Moms Sell, Trade, Swap Baby Clothes for Extra Cash

Lara Spencer shows moms how to turn baby clothes into cash.

Aug. 29, 2011— -- A new addition to the family is a joy, but there is no joy in the bills that come with outfitting an infant that can outgrow clothes before you take the tags off.

The average American home spends $700 to $1,000 on baby clothes in a baby's first year, and hundreds more on all of the baby gear, like toys and carriers, according to the Consumer Expenditure Survey. Most agree that's a big investment for items that are only use for a few months before they are outgrown.

We all know parents would love to get back a little of that cash they're shelling out, so in "Good Morning America's" "Show Me the Money" series, Lara Spencer showed parents ways they can save a little cash and help others in the process.

Spencer visited three New York moms -- Nia, mom of 5-month old Wilhem; Sarah mother of 2-year-old and 10-month-old daughters; and Carla, mom to 2-year-old, Violette. All of their children had outgrown a stockpile of clothes in just a few months.

"GMA" brought their baby clothes to Gayle Raskin, co-owner of Jane's Exchange, a New York City consignment shop that specializes in children's items. Raskin guided Spencer and the moms through the re-selling process.

The most valuable items are usually clothes that are still new with tags, and name-brand baby clothes, Raskin said. Some brands that will re-sell easily are Ralph Lauren, Gap, Gymboree, and Tea. Even non-brand essentials can make money, especially if grouped together. A group of hats will sell better on e-Bay compared to packing them individually. Lastly, baby gear that still has its original packaging or directions can get top dollar.

Our moms made anywhere from $170 to $520 by reselling their gently-worn baby clothes.

How to Swap, Donate Your Gently-Used Baby Clothes

Parents who have old baby clothes can trade gently-used clothes with fellow parents for other clothes. There are several website available, including Thred Up, where moms can trade clothes that are too small for the next size up of gently-used clothes. Also, there are a number of places moms can donate old baby gear, including, Goodwill, Baby Buggy, Baby2Baby, and Room to Grown.

How to Sell Your Gently-Used Baby Clothes

For those looking to sell, a reminder that there are some items that should never be sold, and that you should never buy stained and soiled items and recalled items.

If you are unsure about an item's safety or selling condition it is always a good idea to do an online search before you sell any gear, especially cribs, car seats or carriers, to make sure the item you're selling is not recalled. In addition, most lactation experts advise against re-selling breast pumps. Additional great places where mom can sell their baby items are on eBay, Craigslist, or a consignment store.

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