Netflix Delaying Price Hike for Some Customers on Rolling Basis

Netflix has delayed this month's expected price increase on a rolling basis.

— -- Netflix's price increase that was expected this month has been delayed on a rolling basis.

Netflix had announced there would be a price increase starting in May 2014 for its high-definition streaming plan. The company is raising the monthly cost to $9.99 from $7.99 for millions of members. Netflix users' billing pages previously showed their plan price was guaranteed through May 9.

But this week, Netflix users are reporting their billing pages indicate a price hike on June 16, as first noted in deals site

A Netflix spokesman told ABC News today that the current price update is rolling out over time based on member billing periods.

"Netflix will notify members whose price guarantee is ending through an email sent 30 days before the next billing date and a message within Netflix," the spokesman said. That means members can have time to decide which plan is right for them.

While some analysts think the price increase will put a dent in Netflix sales, the company says it doesn't expect to lose many of its customers. The company refers to customer attrition as "churn."

"Given these members have been with us at least two years, we expect only slightly elevated churn," the company said when it reported fourth-quarter earnings in January.

Netflix raised prices last October on its most popular streaming plan that allows customers to watch media on two screens at the same time.

"Last October’s price increase for newer members included a one-year hold and will go into effect in October of this year," Netflix said last month.

Those customers will have the option of continuing at $7.99 per month on the standard definition plan or at $9.99 on the HD plan, the company said.