By the Numbers: Beth Shak's Shoe Obsession

Pa. poker player's 1,200 pairs may have cost $1 million.

ByABC News
August 14, 2012, 9:00 AM

Aug. 14, 2012— -- intro: Beth Shak, 44, is a professional poker player and mother of three who lives in Pennsylvania.

The card shark's true passion is leather -- shoe leather. The taller and more blinged out, the better. The numbers below begin to tell the story of Shak's shoe obsession.

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quicklist: 1title: 1,200text: Beth Shak's estimate of how many pairs of shoes she owns.

quicklist: 2 title: 4text: Number of password-protected closets housing Shak's shoe collection.

quicklist: 3title: $3,500text: Shak's estimate of her most expensive pair of shoes.

quicklist: 4title: 13text: Shak's age when she bought her first pair.

"Oh my God, I wish I still had them," Shak said. "They were, like, bright yellow Candies, and I wanted them so badly, and they were my first pair of heels."

quicklist: 5title: 700text: Pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes Shak estimates she owns.

quicklist: 6title: $40,000text: Amount Carrie Bradshaw joked she had spent on shoes, in "Sex and the City."

"I literally spent $40,000 on shoes and have no place to live?" she said.

quicklist: 7title: "Upwards from $600 to thousands"text: The price -- per pair -- of "a lot" of Beth Shak's shoes.

quicklist: 8title: $960,000text: Using Shak's per-pair estimate, the total purchase price of her shoe collection. (Twelve hundred pairs at an average price of $800 each.)

quicklist: 9title: $1,000,000text: Alleged value of Shak's collection in a lawsuit filed -- and later dropped -- by her ex-husband, a hedge fund manager. He sued for 35 percent of the $1 million.

quicklist: 10title: 1text: Number of pairs of shoes Shak owns that she hasn't worn.

"It's interesting that everybody calls it a collection," said Shak. "Because I wear them. ... There's only one pair of shoes that I have that are displayed and not worn, and they're my Elizabeth Taylor boots."

Shak bought a poker-themed pair of boots Taylor owned for $5,040 as an investment.

quicklist: 11title: 8text: Shoe size of Shak's 17-year-old daughter, Lindy.

quicklist: 12title: 7text: Shak's size.

"We're the same size in everything but shoes," Lindy said.

"I said to her, Listen, Lindy, you know, when the time comes, take them all to a shoemaker, and just stretch them," Shak said with a laugh.

quicklist: 13title: 20text: Minutes it takes Shak to put on -- or take off -- her Twentieth-Anniversary Louboutin capsule collection sandals.