Harrod Blank
  • Gene Simmons VW Bug

    Gene Simmons VW Bug
    This 1970 Volkswagen Beetle has been modified to resemble KISS bassist Gene Simmons. The ad was listed on Craigslist, and the car is yours for $10,000. The car features the face, hair, and signature tongue of Simmons. It's like no other car on the road today and is sure to get people to turn their head.
    Photo courtesy of Tim Hall/ Caddy Works.com
  • Toyota Unveils Touch Screen Car

    Toyota Unveils Touch Screen Car
    Stephan Winkelmann, the CEO of Lamborghini SpA, at the unveiling of the Urus sport-utility concept vehicle at the Beijing Auto Show in China, April 22, 2012. Lamborghini unveiled its first SUV in almost two decades. The Italian supercar maker looks to expand its lineup to tap rising demand from emerging markets.
    Nelson Ching/Bloomberg via Getty Images
  • Crazy Cars/Lincoln Toe Truck

    Crazy Cars/Lincoln Toe Truck
    For years, Lincoln Towing Co.'s "Pink Toe Truck" was a landmark in Seattle. The original left foot truck was built nearly 30 years ago by the company's owner, who retired in 2000. The truck does not have doors and with its big toe, reaches a height of 11.5 feet. The truck could tow a small vehicle, but it spent most of its time on display outside Lincoln's towing yard or in local parades. A newer truck, resembling a right foot, was built in 1996. The original now calls Seattle's Museum of History and Industry its home.
    Kathleen Kennedy Knies/Museum of History & Industry, Seattle.
  • Crazy Cars/Camera Van

    Crazy Cars/Camera Van
    Inspired by a dream, Harrod Blank, seen here, spent two years designing and decorating his "<a href="http://www.cameravan.com/" target="external">Camera Van</a>." This car is covered in old Polaroid cameras, color TV monitors and antique models. Using Kodak Instamatic cameras, Blank wrote the word "Smile" on the top of the van and created a replica of the camera on the van's driver's side. After completing the van in 1995, Blank drove across the country from California to New York, taking pictures. The artist and filmmaker made his first art car at the age of 16.
    Hunter Mann
  • Crazy_Cars/Automorphosis

    Filmmaker and photographer Harrod Blank's photos of cars turned into works of art have been collected into a book and are also featured in his film, "<a href="http://www.automorphosis.com" target="external">Automorphosis</a>." Blank is currently on tour with his "Camera Van" and six other art cars.
    Harrod Blank
  • Crazy Cars/California Fantasy

    Crazy Cars/California Fantasy
    Ernie Steingold of Burbank, Calif., spent more than 10 years welding his "<a href="http://www.artcarworld.org" target="external">California Fantasy Van</a>" with brass-colored items. Steingold, who died in 1998, drove the vehicle slowly and eventually ruined its tires and brakes because of the car's weight. A 1975 GMC Panel Van, the art car calls the Art Car World museum in Douglas, Ariz., its home.
    Harrod Blank
  • Crazy Cars/Hamburger Harley

    Crazy Cars/Hamburger Harley
    This is one hamburger not meant to be eaten. The "<a href="http://www.burgerweb.com" target="external">Hamburger Harley</a>," was created by burger lover Harry Sperl, who has more than 1,000 pieces in his collection of hamburger paraphernalia. Airbrush artist Chris Cruz put the finishing touches to the motorcycle, with detailed toppings, including cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato and ketchup. The vehicle's top bun opens up to expose the driver's seat. You can also find an order of burger and fries sitting by the handlebars.
    Harrod Blank
  • Crazy Cars/Mondrian Mobile

    Crazy Cars/Mondrian Mobile
    Inspired by Dutch painter Piet Mondrian's simple use of lines and colors, artist Emily Duffy of El Cerrito, Calif., seen here standing on the hood, began working on her "<a href="http://www.artcarworld.org" target="external">Mondrian Mobile</a>" in 1996. Originally trained as a fashion designer, Duffy even made a hat, dress and purse to match her painted 1984 Nissan Sentra. She has designed other projects like the "Vain Van" and "Bra Ball."
    Emily Duffy
  • Crazy Cars/Pico De Gallo

    Crazy Cars/Pico De Gallo
    Artist and filmmaker Harrod Blank added some spice to this 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. Named the "<a href="http://www.harrodblank.com/artcars/index.htmlURL" target="external">Pico De Gallo</a>" (which means spicy salsa in Spanish), this art car features a stereo system, rooftop stage and working musical instruments. The car is currently on display at the Art Car World museum in Douglas, Ariz.
    Hunter Mann
  • Crazy Cars/Ripper The Shark

    Crazy Cars/Ripper The Shark
    Don't let the teeth of this shark car frighten you. "<a href="http://www.artcarfest.com" target="external">Ripper the Friendly Shark</a>" was constructed from a 1982 Nissan Sentra by the late San Francisco artist Tom Kennedy, seen here. The artist added fins and a swishing tail to the car's exterior and decorated the interior with blue lighting and fish that dangles from the roof. Before his death in 2009, Kennedy created many other art cars and helped popularize the movement.
    Harrod Blank
  • Crazy Cars/Rocket Bike

    Crazy Cars/Rocket Bike
    This "<a href="http://www.artcaragency.com" target="external">Rocket Bike</a>," by Scott McNamara, is actually a motorcycle. It is one of many art cars featured in Harrod Blank's film, "Automorphosis."
    Harrod Blank
  • Crazy Cars/Shoe Car

    Crazy Cars/Shoe Car
    Looking for the perfect way to accessorize an outfit? How about taking a spin in this "<a href="http://www.artcaragency.com" target="external">Red Stiletto</a>"? David Crow designed the shoe, using parts of a Honda motorcycle, fiberglass and hand-rubbed paint. Crow, shown here, spent nearly four years making the car for his then girlfriend as a way to make up for teasing her about her shoe collection.
    Harrod Blank
  • Crazy Cars/Telephone Car

    Crazy Cars/Telephone Car
    This 1975 Volkswagen Beetle was converted to resemble a desk phone to promote Datel Communications, a telephone company based in Massachusetts. Datel's owner, Howard Davis, and a friend spent more than two years building the <a href="http://www.thephonecar.com" target="external">oversized telephone</a>.
    Harrod Blank
  • Crazy Cars/The Duke

    Crazy Cars/The Duke
    There's not an inch of empty space on artist Rick McKinney's "<a href="http://www.jigglebox.com" target="external">Duke</a>" car. The rolling museum is a 1976 Ford Granada weighing 5,000 lbs. The car's exterior features Fisher Price toys, and other childhood mementos, old TV sets and ship portal windows from a yacht once owned by President Herbert Hoover. At its height, the car reaches 12 feet with a live-in steamer trunk sculpture -- a 5 foot by 8 foot by 5 foot loft bedroom made up of old travel trunks with a removable skylight. The inside of the car is also home to odds and ends, like windup toys and photographs.
    Harrod Blank