• World's Weirdest Drive-Thrus

    Paying your respects to deceased loved ones just became a bit more convenient, at least in Compton, Calif. The Los Angeles Times reported that Adams funeral parlor, a fixture in Compton since 1974, opened a paved 12-foot wide drive-thru with a long, glass display window for people to drive up in their cars to pay their respects. This Google Maps street view shows the Adams funeral home with a small red sign that says, "Drive-Thru Viewings -- 5 to 9 p.m." This is not the first drive-thru funeral parlor in the country. There's also one in Chicago and Louisiana.
  • Weirdest Drive-Throughs

    At the Drive-In Christian Church in Daytona Beach, Fla., worshippers can pray from the comfort of their cars. Every Sunday, a minister leads the service from a balcony. "Our church's purpose is to spread the 'Good News' to every person, including tourists, the physically challenged, families with children and others looking for a unique way to worship," according to its website. The property was originally a drive-in movie theater and was converted into a church in the late 1950s.
    Courtesy Daytona Beach Drive In Christian Church
  • Weirdest Drive-Thrus

    At long last, Americans can go to the mall without ever leaving the car. Mygofer is a giant drive-thru department store in Joilet, Illinois. Instead of wandering through the aisles, customers pre-order items on the Internet, by phone or on-site, and pick them up at the store's drive-thru. Employees load up the car within minutes.
    ABC News
  • Weirdest Drive-Throughs

    Stanford Hospital medical staff in California participated in the nation's first experimental drive-thru triage drill to prepare for the H1N1 epidemic last year. Pretend patients stayed in their cars while they were examined, diagnosed, and treated -- all without setting foot in an emergency room and running the risk of infecting others.
    Courtesy Stanford University Medical Center
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