Pinterest Data Shows 'TGIF' Is Very Real

If it's Thursday, people are posting "pins" of this surprising category.

May 15, 2014 — -- It's Thursday, so many people are preparing to declare "TGIF." But on Pinterest, instead of posting "TGIT" (Thank Goodness It's Thursday), it turns out users "pin" most about fashion.

The online bookmarking site released data today showing what Pinterest users tend to pin most on each day of the week.

"What we found is that TGIF is real," Andrea Burbank, an engineer at Pinterest, wrote in a blog post, providing no numbers.

The social media company says more than 2 million fashion pins are posted each day, but they are most frequently shared on Thursday.

Here are the most popular pin trends by day of the week, according to San Francisco-based Pinterest:

1. Monday: fitness

2. Tuesday: gadgets-tech

3. Wednesday: inspirational quotes

4. Thursday: fashion

5. Friday: humor

6. Saturday: travel

7. Sunday: food and craft ideas

Pinterest interprets the data as follows, according to a Pinterest blog post: The week "starts with good intentions in fitness;" but by Wednesday, people "need a little something to get through the week" through inspirational quotes; then humor brings comic relief to the end of the week. By the weekend, summer vacations are "top of mind with travel."

The company said travel is a growing category on the site. Each day, users Pin about 1.5 million places. In total, there are more than 750 million Place Pins.

Pinterest Inc., most recently valued at $3.8 billion, earlier this week announced they are testing with some paying advertisers to showcase their pins through "promoted pins."

The company is expanding with different services, including testing a Q&A feature, TechCrunch reported this week. The company says Pinterest can support interest in a range of activities, including camping, cars, outdoor sports, as much as fashion and home decor.

The majority of people on Pinterest are women, the company says, but it does not release specific numbers.