How to Save Hundreds on NFL Football at the Stadium This Season

ABC News has potential ways you can save on tickets to see your favorite teams.

“I grew up a diehard Redskins fan through my family,” Thom, of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, told ABC News.

“His grandmother has a board on her refrigerator where every year they all write their predictions for the season,” his wife, Melissa Lambert, said.

It’s a family trait that won’t be skipping a generation. Thom even wore a Redskins jersey for the births of his two daughters.

“The first song that they learned how to sing was ‘Hail to the Redskins,’” his wife recalled.

But with their third daughter due any day now and the skyrocketing cost of attending a game, football has been put on hold for Thom and his growing family. He hasn’t been to a game in two years.

“With a family of four in today’s economy, that’s not something that’s a top priority, even though that’s something that’s a really big deal to my family,” Melissa said.

“Things become more important than blowing money on a Redskins game," Thom added. "You need to pay for swim lessons and tutus for dance class.”

First, Flaherty says to wait it out. Websites like SeatGeek and Vivid Seats offer deep discounts as prices drop closer to game day.

“If you wait until 24 or 48 hours before the game you’ll tend to find the best deals,” he explained. “Look, this ticket at $52, if you bought it from the team would normally be close to $100 so you’re probably saving about 50 percent.”

“Awesome man, that’s great,” Thom said.

Next, instead of paying normal stadium parking prices, check out apps like SpotHero and ParkWhiz that will save you money and a spot.

“To park in the actual parking lots are anywhere from $60 to $120. It’s like so expensive, and that’s just to park,” Lambert said.

“And there you go,” Flaherty said, while showing him one of the money-saving apps. “There’s a spot for $30.”

And, finally, feed yourself. The average cost to feed a family of four is as high as $80 so check the outside food policy and, if allowed, bring your own snacks.

“We haven’t been able to take them to any game yet, so this is something we’re really looking forward to,” Thom said of his young daughters.

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