USA TODAY publisher Moon is retiring

ByUSA Today
March 31, 2009, 2:59 PM

— -- Craig Moon, president and publisher of USA TODAY for six years, announced Tuesday that he is retiring April 17.

"Certainly the timing of my retirement coincides with industry challenges," Moon said in an memo to employees."The changing media environment and the recession are creating new opportunities. I am bullish on possibilities to adjust the business models and adapt new mindsets which could lead to the industry becoming a growth business once again."

Moon, who worked for Gannett, USA TODAY's parent company, for 23 years, says today's business environment "will require frequent operational adjustments."

"Opportunities have been created," Moon said. "Regardless of how good new ideas may be, many will not work. While some of the results are being affected by systemic media changes, much is recession related which should recover and the brand will build back into a growth model as long as you continue to move ahead during the recession."

There was no immediate announcement of Moon's successor.

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