Ask an Expert: Should entrepreneurs Twitter? Uh, no

ByABC News
April 6, 2009, 3:21 AM

— -- Q: Should I Twitter? Zoe

A: To quote my favorite law school teacher, the cranky and brilliant Judge James Adams "The answer is ... No!"

Yes, I know, Twitter is all the rage. Everyone is either tweeting or talking about it or following someone, and so yes, I get that Twitter is the flavor of the month. But know what else I know? Sometimes you don't want or don't need the flavor of the month; sometimes you need chocolate or vanilla. Sometimes newer isn't better.

Here are four reasons why your small business should not Twitter:

1. You are in business:Yours is not a club, or a group, or a sorority, or a party. Yours is a business. And the business of your business is to sell products or offer services that people want at prices they are willing to pay. You have to impress them, offer them value (especially today), and deliver on your promises.

But what you don't have to do is be their friend. Sure, some customers are friends. That's great. But that is not the purpose of your business.

Now, I am not saying Tweeting is wrong for every business. For the right type of business it is probably great. But for many, probably most small businesses, it is a little too much, a little too friendly, in fact

2. It offers just too much information:Do people really want to know what you are doing at 3:47 tomorrow afternoon, what you are thinking, who you are meeting?

Excuse me, but is this not incredibly self-indulgent?

Since when did the rules of business change to dictate that your customers have to be so incredibly engaged in your business?

I recently read that Twitter is great for business because it allows people to keep in close touch with what is really going on with Company X.

Who cares? Do you? I know I don't.

Look, I came too late to the whole blogging thing, thinking it was a passing fad. OK, I missed that one. And no one loves the potential of the online world more than me. But that said, there is a limit, or should be, to how much people should know about your business. Do people really want to follow the minutiae of your business? Do you want to know the trivia of some other small business?