Stunning Private Islands For Sale

From Montana to Fiji.

April 17, 2014— -- intro: From an island in The Bahamas with its own airplane landing strip to a woodsy getaway near Maine in Canadian waters, if you have the cash, you can live in paradise on your very own private island.

Here are some private islands that are on the market:

quicklist:title: Casco Bay Island, U.S. and Canadamedia: 23363937category: $1.4 Million text:

The 41-acre Casco Bay Island, near Maine but in Canadian waters, is listed for $1.4 million. There are two miles of shorefront at high tide. The cedar log home was built in 1994 and comes with a redwood hot tub.

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quicklist:title: The Lower Birch Islands, Mainemedia: 23364113category: $1.8 million text: The Lower Birch Islands in Maine are listed for $1.795 million, southeast of Bangor. Take a scenic 20-minute boat ride led by Capt. Jaimie Robertson from the Town Dock in Milbridge, Maine, to your private getaway.

The large Lower Birch Island spans 23.6 acres and the smaller one is 4.4 acres. The large island has a 1,872 sq. ft. two-story home. The small island has a building permit for a four-bedroom home that would have 180 views of water.

quicklist:title: Masson Island, Ontario media: 23364356category: $2.7 million Canadian dollarstext: Masson Island in Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada, is for sale for $2.725 million Canadian dollars. The 6.5 acre outer island has a three-bedroom main cottage, a two-bedroom waterside guest cottage. The property also has a "designer" sauna and a dry dock boat house.

quicklist:title: Dumunpalit Island, Philippinesmedia: 23363987category: $3.4 Million text: Dumunpalit Island in the Philippines is listed for $3.4 million. The 75-acre island is surrounded by coral reefs, and is about a 40-minute flight southeast of Manila.

Dumunpalit means "the place which never changes," but the island is also known as Turtle Island because the 150-plus-foot-high volcanic towers that rise on both its ends resemble fins flipping through the turquoise waters," the listing states.

quicklist:title: Hinchenbrook Island, Australiamedia: 23364065category: $4.4 Million text: Hinchenbrook Island in the Great Barrier reef off the coast of Australia is listed for $4.379 million. With a private beach and resort facilities, the island has more than 20 acres of "pristine tropical wilderness" at the most northern tip of Australia's largest Island National Park.

quicklist:title: Sturt Island, British Columbia media: 23363788category: $5.4 Million Canadian dollars text: Sturt Island in British Columbia, Canada, is listed for $5.4 million Canadian dollars. The 85.6-acre island has a main residence, log home and cabin. "The island itself is fully forested with towering fir and cedar through-out," the listing states, adding that two-thirds of the property borders Surge Narrows Marine Park.

quicklist:title: Buck Island, British Virgin Islands media: 23363843category: $30 Million text:

Buck Island in the British Virgin Islands is for sale for $30 million. The 43-acre Buck Island has "vertical cliffs and soft white sand beaches," the listing on states, with a residence that houses "upwards of 20 occupants, providing a variety of unique spaces for people to converge."

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quicklist:title: Shelter Island, Montana media: 23364195category: $59.5 Million text:

Shelter Island in Montana is listed for $59.5 million. The 24-acre property has what the listing calls the largest private home in Montana, featuring 32,000 sq. ft. Nearby is Glacier National Park.

quicklist:title: Innocence Island, Bahamasmedia: 23369824category: Auction text: The 681-acre Innocence Island in the Bahamas is available for auction through Concierge auction house. Initially listed for a cool $55 million, the property will be sold in conjunction with Damianos Sotheby's International Realty with a reserve price of $10 million. You get your own landing strip and airport code, a 3,000 sq. ft. main house and a second bungalow with a gym and meditation deck, CNBC reports.

quicklist:title: Yadua Island, Fiji media: 23363521category: Price upon request text: Yadua Island in Fiji is on sale with a price that's given upon request only. On more than 23 acres, the listing describes a property that has potential for a resort property.

"Whilst this island does not offer a large degree of sandy shoreline, it is an ideal island for a residential development or, with some reclamation of foreshore can sustain a small tourist resort of around 15-20 keys," the listing states. "At the top of the island rests the remains of a volcanic crater which have been incorporated into the Master Planning, to be re-constructed to form a salt water Crater Lake or Mountain Top Lagoon."