Super Bowl 2015: Best and Worst Commercials From This Year

You laughed, you cried during the Super Bowl. See what an ad expert thinks.

ByABC News
February 2, 2015, 11:20 AM

— -- This year's most buzzed about Super Bowl commercials had to cater to a diverse crowd, with everything from slapstick humor to the emotionally poignant.

There were 15 first-time brands advertising this year -- the most since 2000, including candy brand Skittles.

This was the most buzzy Super Bowl in social media ever. With Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch as a spokesman, it may come as little surprise that more Seattle fans mentioned Skittles last night in social media than Boston fans. That is, more Twitter and Facebook users with geo-locations in Seattle mentioned Skittles than fans in the New England Patriots' hometown of Boston, according to location-based social analytics company CO Everywhere.

Whether you loved or hated the Super Bowl commercials this year, for the brands, success is often measured by whether you talk about their ads.

AdWeek editor Lisa Granatstein shared her picks for the best 2015 Super Bowl commercials.

1. Mophie: "All Powerless"

The 2015 Super Bowl commercial for Mophie, "All-Powerless."

The one-minute ad for the remote phone charger shows what happens when a phone dies.

Granatstein said, "God help us if the power upstairs goes out; the smartphone charger shows us why."

2. Kia: “The Perfect Getaway”

Pierce Brosnan appears in an ad for Kia for the 2015 Super Bowl.

"Self-satirizing celebrities seem to be a thing this year, and Pierce Brosnan's less-than-subtle effort to reprise his role as 007 pays off big time for both the actor and the car," Granatstein said.

3. Snickers: “The Brady Bunch

A still from the teaser for Snickers' Super Bowl ad.

"Danny Trejo as Marcia Brady? Steve Buscemi as Jan? Hilarious," Granatstein said, calling the ad "a perfect blend of edgy humor and nostalgia."

4. Toyota: "How Great I Am"

Paralympian Amy Purdy triumphs to the iconic words of Muhammad Ali in a commercial for the Toyota Camry.

Granatstein said the "inspiring, powerful spot showcases the boundless energy and determination of [Purdy] -- with some help from 'The Greatest.'"

5. BMW i3: "Newfangled Idea"

Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel appear in an ad for the BMW i3 for the 2015 Super Bowl.

In 1994, no one knew how big the Internet would be, as shown by a clip of broadcasters Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel then. The commercial flashes forward 21 years later to the new all-electric BMW i3, which is made in a wind-powered factory.

Granatstein said she loved the surprise of the "Today" show flashback and the seamless cut to the twosome jabbering away over how to drive an electric car.

"They've still got chemistry, and it was great to see them reunited," Granatstein said.

6. Loctite: "Positive Feelings"

"Who knew super glue could be so much fun?" Granatstein said. "I loved the fanny packs, funky music and lighthearted treatment. It was a real palate-cleanser for an intense night heavy on sentimental, emotional and social cause ads. Money well spent."

7. Always: "#LikeAGirl"

P&G's feminine care brand Always rolled out a longer version of this commercial last summer and this cut-down treatment shows us why the video went viral the first go-around, Granatstein said.

"It was a night filled with empowering, inspirational ads, especially for dads, so it was nice to see one for the girls," she said.

Worst 2015 Super Bowl commercials:

Adweek editor Tim Nudd shared his picks for the "worst" Super Bowl ads.

1. Nationwide: "Make Safe Happen"

"A well-made ad, beautiful even, with an important message—but a terrible party guest," Nudd wrote, calling it "one of the bigger commercial fails ever on the game."

Meanwhile, Nationwide has defended the ad, saying many people don't know the dangers of childhood accidents.

2. Jublia: "Tackle It"

Nudd said the commercial about toenail fungus featured a "grating" voiceover and "cut-rate animation of a foot playing football (get it?)."

3. Heroes Charge: "Big Game TV Commercial"

Nudd called this ad for a game a "waste of 15 seconds."

4. WeatherTech: "America at Work"

"You get called unpatriotic for not liking this ad, but this is just totally bland creative," Nudd wrote. "It felt really out of the place on the big stage."

5. Nissan: "With Dad"

Like a handful of other Super Bowl commercials, like Dove Men+Care's ad, this Nissan ad pulls on parenting heartstrings.

"This isn't a terrible ad," Nudd wrote. "It makes the list because, in 90 seconds, it aimed so high and failed to get there," Nudd wrote, calling the message "nice" but "confusing."

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