How to Turn Old Toys Into Cash

"Toy Hunter" Jordan Hembrough explains why toys are a good investment.

— -- Dave Parano from Bergenfield, New Jersey, grew up in the 1970s and cleaning out his parents’ garage recently took him straight back in time.

“It took three Dumpsters and about 55 contractor bags full of stuff,” Parano said of going through the garage. “But pretty much every single toy I had is still here.”

The man known as “The Toy Hunter,” Jordan Hembrough, says that Parano could be sitting on a pile of treasure with his childhood toys.

Hembrough says that toys resale well, in part, because they trigger our emotions, especially nostalgia.

Just from the collection of toys that Parano found in his garage, Hembrough estimates a current value of nearly $2,000.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” Parano said.

Here are Hembrough’s top tips for getting the most value out of the toys taking up space in your garage or your closet.

Put a Battery In It – A toy can gain more value if it works.

Keep It Limited – Limited edition items, from Lego sets to celebrity editions of toys, can rake in big money, according to Hembrough.

Check the Original Price on Comics - The lower the price the better, says Hembrough, who adds that older comics retailed for five to 10 cents and are worth more now.