20 Most Expensive Places to Get Hitched

TheKnot.com and WeddingChannel.com released the results of an annual survey.

March 8, 2013 — -- intro:New York City continues its reign as most expensive place to get married in the U.S. with couples spending $76,787 on average, according to the annual Real Weddings Survey by TheKnot.com and WeddingChannel.com.

The survey revealed that the average amount couples spend on weddings in the country reached a high since 2008 at $28,427, not including the honeymoon. Spending in nearly every category also increased, including money spent on a photographer, venue and wedding planner.

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"In general, you're seeing couples a little more comfortable with their pocket books," said Anja Winikka, site editor for TheKnot.com. "Most spending is up across the board. They're adding a few more flowers. They're going for the higher-end dress."

The average amount spent on a wedding dress in 2012 was $1,211, compared with $1,121 in 2011. The average number of guests is 139.

This year, spending per guest increased to $204 from $196 in 2011.

"Couples are concentrating on their guests and creating a holistic experience for guests. It's not just about a dazzling dress and me, me, me," she said.

More couples this past year, one in four, provided shuttles and buses for guests to attend their wedding.

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New York City has been the most expensive place to get married in the country since TheKnot.com began asking this question in 2007. The least expensive place to get married is Alaska, with an average of $15,504 per wedding.

Winikka said the amount of spending is likely tied to rent and the cost of living.

"To own and run a business in Manhattan is that much more expensive than in the rest of the country," she said.

New to this year's list of 20 most expensive places to get married are Savannah, Ga. (17th), Sacramento/Reno/Tahoe (18th), and Illinois (20th).

quicklist: 1title: New York City (Manhattan)category: media: 18686766text: Average spent per wedding: $76,687

quicklist:2title: Chicago category:media: 18686446text: $49,810

quicklist:3title: New York Metro (Long Island, Hudson Valley and NYC Outer Boroughs)category:media: 18686346text: Average spent per wedding, respectively: $49,002, $46,300, $39,602

quicklist:4title: Northern/Central New Jersey and Southern New Jerseycategory:media: 18686909text: Average spent per wedding, respectively: $48,496, $35,375

quicklist:5title: Rhode Islandcategory:media: 18686565text: Average spent per wedding: $47,399

quicklist:6title: Santa Barbara/Ventura, Calif.category:media: 18686638 text: Average spent per wedding: $42,319

quicklist:7title: Boston category:media: 18686378text: Average spent per wedding: $39,239

quicklist:8title: Philadelphia category:media: 18686608text: Average spent per wedding: $38,369

quicklist:9title: Connecticutcategory:media: 18686624text: Average spent per wedding: $38,009

quicklist:10title: San Francisco category:media: 18686393text: Average spent per wedding: $35,344

quicklist:11title: Los Angeles category:media: text: Average spent per wedding: $35,308

quicklist:12title: San Diego and Orange County/Inland Empire, Calif.category:media: text: Average spent per wedding, respectively: $34,136, $33,848

quicklist:13title: Baltimore category:media: text: $33,366

quicklist:14title: Washington, D.C./Northern Virginiacategory:media: text: Average spent per wedding: $33,118

quicklist:15title: Houston category:media: text: $31,978

quicklist:title: Southern Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas)media:text: Average spent per wedding: $31,288

quicklist:title: Savannah, Ga. media: text: $30,618

quicklist:title: Sacramento/Reno/Tahoemedia:text: Average spent per wedding: $30,458

quicklist:title: Hawaiimedia:text: Average spent per wedding: $29,636

quicklist:title: Illinoismedia:text: Average spent per wedding: $29,489

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