Women Applaud Christian Louboutin's Nude Shoes for 'Every Woman'

The luxury shoe designer's new collection features "skin-friendly hues."

The "nudes" collection features "skin-friendly hues" for "every woman." Two additional hues were added for spring and summer -- "porcelain Nude #1" and "deep chocolate Nude #7." In total there are seven shades and three styles to choose from; the shoes went on sale this week.

The newest additions to Louboutin's extensive shoe collection began trending on Facebook overnight with the hashtag #NudesForAll. The designer's "nudes" collection first launched in 2013.

"Designers often treat nude like it's a synonym for light tan, thereby excluding women of color," one Facebook user wrote. "So it's good news that Christian Louboutin has expanded its nudes collection, adding a larger spectrum of skin-tone shades to ensure that no matter what your ethnicity, you can find a shoe to match your complexion."

Like the brand's other shoes, the new nude colors don't come cheap. The pointy-toe ballet flat Solasofia, for example, is priced at $595.

"The expansive collection ensures that every woman can find a nude perfectly suited to her complexion," the company first announced in a statement in January.