13-Year-Old Bruce Springsteen Fan Describes 'Amazing' Selfie Moment

Eliza Sollers, 13, saw Springsteen at a concert in Baltimore.

The slow-motion video of the 13-year-old caught on camera during the April 20 concert in Baltimore is going viral.

The video goes like this: Sollers has her phone ready, Springsteen gets closer, puts his arm around her neck to pose, she grabs his hand, she snaps the selfie and her reaction is priceless.

Sollers, of Lutherville, Maryland, said she shook Springsteen's hand the first time he came around but then thought of a better idea thanks to a fellow Springsteen fan.

"A girl next to us got a selfie and I was like, ‘Oh my God I have to get a selfie with him if he comes around again, which usually doesn’t happen," Sollers explained. "But he came around again and I just kind of kneeled down and I was ready and I didn’t even look back. I was just ready to get a selfie with him."

Sollers called the moment that Springsteen hugged her "amazing." The teenager said she inherited her love of the New Jersey rocker from her dad.

"Springsteen songs are basically his soundtrack to life so they're always playing in the car and around the house so they're pretty much engraved into my head," Sollers said. "Of course I like Bruce."

Sollers called "Thunder Road" her favorite Springsteen song.