32 Reasons to Be Glad You're Not Kate Middleton on Her Birthday

Sure she's Duchess of Cambridge, but her life isn't without its share of hassles

Jan. 9, 2014 -- intro: It's easy to be jealous of Kate Middleton. Not only is today's birthday girl beautiful, but she's got a loving family, a killer wardrobe and a jewelry box most women can only dream of. But in spite of it all, the Duchess of Cambridge has taken pains to prove she's just like the rest of us in a lot of ways. (Remember when she wore a $35.90 necklace from Zara on the red carpet?) And of course, like everyone else, she has her fair share of troubles. Here's 32 of them.

quicklist: 1 title: Paparazzi are her constant companions. text: It must be annoying hearing them scream her name incessantly, right?

quicklist: 2 title: She can forget about going out without makeup. text: Even on vacation!

quicklist: 3 title: Sweatpants? No way. text: Does she even own them?

quicklist: 4 title: Newspapers reported on her gray hairs. text: To be fair, though, she got a great dye job afterward.

quicklist: 5 title: But is she even allowed to cut her hair? text: That might cause the Internet to explode.

quicklist: 6 title: Her brother's antics made front-page news.

quicklist: 7 title: And her sister stole some of her wedding-day spotlight.

quicklist: 8 title: Speaking of weddings, every life cycle event from now on will be publicly documented. text: Remember these photos from her son's christening?

quicklist: 9 title: She couldn't even have morning sickness in peace! text: A press release was issued.

quicklist: 10 title: Her in-laws must be more stressful than most. text: Imagine making small-talk with the Queen!

quicklist: 11 title: She's constantly compared to Diana. text: Talk about pressure.

quicklist: 12 title: Nobody knows what her married last name is. text: Well, some probably do. But do you?

quicklist: 13 title: She's technically not a princess yet! text: That has to be a frustrating thing to correct, right?

quicklist: 14 title: Everyone was always speculating about when she'll have a baby. text: Everyone. And now we're wondering when George will have a sibling!

quicklist: 15 title: If she wanted a career outside the palace, too bad. text: Though, to be fair, her philanthropic work does seem fulfilling, and she got to choose her charities.

quicklist: 16 title: She can't choose her own house! text: But how bad can living in a palace be?

quicklist: 17 title: Her husband is currently going to school 60 miles away.

quicklist: 18 title: She has to hope nobody has any embarrassing old photos of her.

quicklist: 19 title: Not that she can really use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter anyway.

quicklist: 20 title: Raucous nights out? Forget 'em. text: Though she was always pretty well-behaved.

quicklist: 21 title: Red carpets seem nerve-wracking. text: But she always delivers. Always.

quicklist: 22 title: And she must feel pressure to stay thin. text: Forget burritos!

quicklist: 23 title: She'll never escape that see-through dress that she wore at St. Andrew's.

quicklist: 24 title: Photographers stake out every vacation she takes! text: How does she relax?

quicklist: 25 title: She can never really appear to be cranky.

quicklist: 26 title: And you know she must get tired of shaking strangers' hands all the time.

quicklist: 27 title: Her husband's phone was tapped! text: And now we know he called her "babykins."

quicklist: 28 title: Everyone must always look inside her cart when she goes to the grocery. text: She has a parking space reserved!

quicklist: 29 title: She has impersonators copying her every move. text: Who can forget this pretend baby shower?

quicklist: 30 title: She has to think long and hard about what she buys at boutiques. text: Because once she does, a trend is sparked.

quicklist: 31 title: Everything she does is documented. text: Even when her shirt flew up during a volleyball game.

quicklist: 32 title: She can never lie about her age. text: Happy 32nd birthday, Kate!