Charlotte Hicks, Semi-Finalist, South Region

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Charlotte Hicks @1CharlotteHicks (Semi-Finalist)

Favorite Karaoke Song?

"Hurt So Bad" - Susan Tedeschi

Favorite Singer/ Group?

I can't just choose one! Reba McEntire, Heart, my aunt Sugar and Cathy

First Job?

Worked as a waitress at Skyline Chili... Yummy!

Biggest Accomplishment?

Moving to Nashville to try and make it as a singer.

Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Charlotte grew up singing in her family church. Growing up with a musically talented family, she never realized until she was an adult that not everyone could sing. She used to sing in a band with her sister, but when the band broke up she decided to fly solo.

Charlotte says she's a regular at karaoke bars but this is her first-ever competition. Her dream of becoming a national recording star led her to Nashville, Tennessee. She explains the best part about Nashville is that it feels like home and you can fill up on music at any time of the day. "It's like getting a drink of water," she says. "There's music from ten o'clock in the morning until two o'clock in the morning."

When she's not singing she's a regional trainer with Sunglass Hut.

Her ultimate dream is to have one hit song that transcends race, age and genre. She describes karaoke as "God's gift to bring people together." She likens her singing style to Janis Joplin who she discovered at the age of 18 and fell in love with as they have similar voices.

Will Charlotte join Janis Joplin and thousands of other recording stars? Find out in the coming weeks, Fridays 9/8 Central on ABC.