Jermaine Jackson: No 'Abnormal Behavior' From Michael

Michael Jackson's brother sounds off on the media's portrayal of the pop king.

ByABC News
July 21, 2009, 7:21 AM

July 22, 2009— -- Jermaine Jackson said he never saw any strange behavior from Michael Jackson that would suggest substance abuse and told the media to "leave [Michael Jackson] alone."

"I've never seen my brother have any different, abnormal behavior that would ... any substance that would cause that. I've never seen this, so I would say 'no,'" Jackson said in a candid interview with French television.

Jermaine Jackson also tearfully scolded the media for the intense scrutiny his brother's death and custody battle have undergone.

"Leave him alone. Stop the crazy names that they call him," the Gloved One's brother said. "What more do you have to do to make people realize he's a human being? They need to leave him alone."

Despite Jermaine Jackson's comments, E! Online reported both Michael Jackson's autopsies included needle marks on the body and traces of the sedative propofol in his system.

This week the Los Angeles Police Department and federal agents followed leads in Las Vegas amid reports Michael Jackson consulted with doctors there.

To retired LAPD detective Robert Jakucs, the investigation is unfolding at the perfect pace.

"There is no timeline in this type of investigation," Jakucs said. "Police are doing this by the numbers. Because there's a celebrity involved, they're not going to make this any faster."

As far as the battle over Michael Jackson's children and estate, Jermaine Jackson said his brother's will should be the final word.

"The will is what it is. It's the will from my brother. Anybody that tried to contest this will on any level, whether it's with executors, or whether it's with anything, they're not living out Michael's wishes," he said.