Tom Cruise Headlines 2008's Celeb Apologies

Cruise, Stone, Peet and Avery are among the stars atoning for their sins.

ByABC News
December 16, 2008, 5:05 PM

Dec. 17, 2008— -- It's that time again: when many people -- yes, even celebrities -- admit their missteps, make amends and bury the hatchet.

Tom Cruise is the latest celebrity eating humble pie. On Monday, Cruise returned to the "Today" show set for the first time since his 2004 anti-psychiatry rant, and the fading action star expressed regret for his previous interview with host Matt Lauer.

In their now famous June 2004 confrontation, Cruise dismissed Brooke Shields' use of anti-depressants to treat her post-partum depression and told Lauer he was being glib and did not know anything about psychiatry.

"It's not what I intended," Cruise told Lauer this week. "In looking at myself, I thought, 'Man, that came across as arrogant.' ... That's one of those things you go, 'OK, I could have absolutely handled that better.'"

In hindsight, Cruise said, "I thought I didn't communicate it the way that I wanted to communicate it. And that's also -- that's not who I am. ... That's not the person that I am."