Stars Talk With Barbara Walters on Oscar Night

Four of Hollywood's hottest megastars spend a revealing hour with Barbara Walters for this year's Oscar edition of "The Barbara Walters Special." Academy Award nominee Ellen Page, superstar Harrison Ford, Emmy Award nominee Vanessa Williams and teen sensation Miley Cyrus sit down with Walters for an electrifying hour and share their thoughts and perspectives on their successes.

Watch the 27th Edition of "The Barbara Walters Special" on Sunday, Feb. 24 at 7 p.m. ET, and after the Oscar broadcast on the West Coast.

Academy Award nominee Ellen Page talks about her experience making the hit film "Juno" and what it has been like since the success of the film landed her an Oscar nomination. She tells Walters, "I feel weird being nominated with people I have so much respect for and people that I've been blessed to meet during the last few months … I don't know that it's really sunken in yet."

Harrison Ford's global star power has generated over a billion dollars in box office receipts. The Academy Award and Golden Globe-nominated star is best known for his performance as the adventurous archaeologist and action hero Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. in the "Indiana Jones" film series. After 19 years, Ford is back, reviving his role as "Indiana Jones." "I was delighted to have the opportunity to do it again, and revisit a character that has been so good to me," he told Walters.

In a candid interview, Emmy Award nominated and Grammy winning actress/singer Vanessa Williams opens up to Walters about her hit television series "Ugly Betty" and how playing the role of Wilhelmina Slater has revived her career. "I love playing my role because it is so tasty," Williams said. "I mean, the writers do a spectacular job making every moment that I have memorable."

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus has had a whirlwind year with a number one movie, a top-selling tour and a hit album. She sits down with Walters to talk about her acting aspirations, being a role model, staying grounded, and working with her father, country star Billy Ray Cyrus. "Life is a little different than the show because I don't have the alter ego that I can escape to anymore," she said. "I think the basis of the show is pretty much life. When I'm at home, it's my friends, it's my family."