'Six Degrees' Contestant: Kristina Marie Craig

Craig dreams of a full-time career as a singer every hour of every day. She's even quit regular jobs that stand in the way.

She admits she's pushed off much of her personal and social life because she is so focused on attaining her goal.

But living in the Sandhills Region of Western Nebraska makes it difficult to say the least.

It took her several years to find a woman a few hours away who could serve as her voice coach. She had to go out of state to find players to make up a band.

Even then, Craig wonders: How will the right people ever hear her?

The population of her hometown of Whitman is 15. Her school is about 20 minutes away and her graduating class, the largest in school history, was 27 students.

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Still, this 19-year-old Sarah Evans look-alike uses her great faith to maintain a positive outlook and feels that even from the middle of nowhere she will be able to find a way to make it in the music business.