Celebrity Parade With Jeanne Wolf

McAvoy & Jolie on their latest big screen roles; Madonna on her documentary.

June 27, 2008 — -- JAMES MCAVOY

James McAvoy scored an Oscar nomination in "Atonement." Now, he's a very reluctant hero in the action-filled "Wanted." McAvoy is a schleppy guy who's everybody's doormat. Then he's recruited into a group of assassins by the ever sexy Angelina Jolie who trains him to be tough as nails. McAvoy admits killing bad guys was easier than locking lips with Angelina:

"We have a fair, big old snog in the film, largely to try and inspire jealousy in my ex-girlfriend in the film, who is standing two feet away, kind of awestruck and gob-smacked at the presence of Angelina's character, Fox. It was memorable for its awkwardness. It was out first day. And it was like, 'Hey, how are you doing? Are you alright? Yeah?' "Action." 'Oh no, here we go...' So yeah, these things are always awkward, you know?"

All I can report is that kiss looks pretty hot on the screen.


She's about to begin her "Sticky and Sweet" world tour, but Madonna doesn't want you to forget her documentary "I Am Because We Are" which debuted at the Cannes film festival. It's not in theaters yet, but Madonna thinks the focus on the suffering of children in Africa is critically important. She says making the film opened her eyes::

"I went there and I experienced what was going on first hand and I just got sucked into the whole thing. And thank god, I did. I met some amazing people there and hopefully I've changed the lives of a lot of children there and I think it's been an incredible growing – learning experience for me. And, well, yeah, that's how I met my son, David, and if I could, I would have adopted ten more children. There's just so many that need parents and there's ones more beautiful and lovely than the next."

One thing is sure, Madonna isn't going to let you forget.


Angelina Jolie is on the verge of giving birth to twins in real life. But, on screen in "Wanted," she's a tough tattooed babe whose mission is to kill people. Angelina makes a sexy assassin who looks awesome with a big gun. Not to mention when she bares her bod. Angelina couldn't wait to get back into action:

"I've been doing some serious films. And I love them. And I will continue to do them. But, every once in awhile, I miss playing and shooting things up. You know, I love being a mom and I love being home, but every once in awhile -- I miss that stuff. It's not just an action movie where we'll say, 'Oh, that was cool, but I've seen that.' It's totally, totally original. And it's also wicked funny. You know, it's got a really good sense of humor to it"

Angelina, who already has four kids, didn't let being a mom keep from doing her own hair-rasing stunts in "Wanted." She says, "I pushed it to the limit because I wanted my little boys to think I'm cool."


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