Diddy: Sarah Palin 'Really Scares Me'

Rap mogul begs fans to vote against Palin and McCain in new video.

Oct. 2, 2008— -- With the first vice presidential debate imminent and Nov. 4 around the corner, Hollywood is refusing to hold its tongue about Sarah Palin.

Stars' comments about her are getting downright bizarre. Rap music/reality TV/fashion mogul Diddy (real name: Sean Combs) posted a video blog about Palin on his YouTube page today entitled "Sarah Palin Scares Me!!" (Guess which candidate he's supporting?)

"Sarah Palin -- she scares me. She really scares me. Look at this, boys and girls, watch this," Diddy whispers in the video, holding a flashlight to his face and channeling "The Blair Witch Project." He cuts to a clip of Palin's recent interview with Katie Couric, in which she claims to read "all" newspapers and magazines but can't name any of her specific sources.

After the clip, the video cuts back to Diddy, flashlight in hand, panting underneath the covers.

"Sarah Palin: You scare me. You could become the president of the United States. You ... did you hear the answer to that question? Did you hear?!," he says. "John McCain is 72. Sarah Palin could be the president. Boys and girls, vote, please, I beg you."

"I'm not coming out of the covers. I'm staying underneath the covers. It's safe underneath the covers," he breathes, before breaking out in a panic. "Is that her? Is that her? SARAH!!"

End tape -- but not discussion. Check out what other stars are saying about Palin below.

Margaret Cho

"At first I thought Sarah Palin was some kind of Republican pandering -- a misguided attempt to woo Hillary voters over to the dark side, as if they believed women voters were so stupid that they would vote for anyone in a skirt, but now I see that she is much, much worse."

"I have nothing against hockey moms -- I just don't want to be one. If Sarah Palin had her way, she would take away that right not to be a mom. She wants to outlaw abortion -- so to call her a feminist is as laughable as calling evangelicals 'Christians.' They shouldn't have the right to call themselves Christian, for they have no Christ-like attributes. I am a feminist and a Christian -- and when I see Sarah Palin -- I see neither." -- statement to ABCNews.com, 9/11/08

Rosie O'Donnell

"sarah p -- elisabeth h

identical cousins

women who hunt in high heels

gives one pause." -- entry on her blog, Rosie.com, 9/10/08

Matt Damon

"You do the actuary tables, there's a one out of three chance, if not more, that McCain doesn't survive his first term, and it'll be President Palin. ... It's like a really bad Disney movie, "The Hockey Mom." Oh, I'm just a hockey mom from Alaska, and she's president. She's facing down Vladimir Putin and using the folksy stuff she learned at the hockey rink. It's absurd." -- to reporters at the Toronto Film Festival, 9/10/08.

Chace Crawford

"I'm not gonna lie. Sarah Palin is quite attractive." -- to reporters at the Stand Up for a Cure Concert Series, 9/10/08.

Meg Ryan

"I was watching her speak at the convention, and I was mostly struck by how people of equal intelligence can believe utterly different things. I don't agree with her policies. I'm a person who's going to vote for Obama.

"It's amazing that a woman has come that far. But from what I know about her, her policies are not things I agree with." -- to reporters at "The Women" press junket, 9/10/08.

Jada Pinkett Smith

"I'm voting for Michelle." -- to reporters at "The Women" press junket, 9/10/08.

Lindsay Lohan

"I think the real problem comes from the fact that we are taking the focus off getting to know Sarah Palin and her political views, and what she can do to make our country a less destructive place. It's distracting from the real issues, the real everyday problems that this country experiences."

"I get Sarah Palin's views against abortion, but I would much prefer to hear more about what she can do for our country rather than how her daughter is going to have a child no matter what. Maybe focus on delivering some words and policy with stronger impact like Joe Biden." -- post on her Myspace.com blog, 9/2/08.