'Grey's' Gossip: One Wedding, No Funerals

Kevin McKidd, aka Dr. Hunt, dishes about twists to come on "Grey's Anatomy."

March 25, 2009, 7:05 AM

March 25, 2009 — -- After five seasons of breakups, makeups and one incredibly cheesy house made of candles, Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey finally get engaged on Thursday's "Grey's Anatomy."

Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen Hunt on the ABC drama, confirms the perfectly coiffed "McDreamy" will break out his mother's engagement ring and present it to Meredith on this week's episode.

"Yes," McKidd told ABC News Radio, referring to the proposal. "The last time I looked, that is the case."

According to Web reports, Dr. Shepherd won't take a knee at his woodsy trailer or at Joe's Bar, but in an elevator at Seattle Grace Hospital. The episode title, "Elevator Love Letter," does little to convince fans otherwise.

Given their rocky past, it's unclear whether the "Grey's" golden couple will actually make it down the aisle. Series creator Shonda Rimes has announced a "surprise" wedding will take place this season but considering the other hot doctor pairs in the cast -- see: Izzy and Alex, Mark and Lexie -- it may not be Meredith and Derek.

"We don't know that yet," McKidd said. "Even I don't know that yet."

Chances are it won't be McKidd's character, Owen, and Christina Yang (Sandra Oh.) Their budding romance turns rocky Thursday when Owen, an Iraq War veteran, suffers a major post traumatic stress disorder episode.

"He basically has a terrible nightmare," McKidd said. "While he's actually still asleep, he injures Christina."

McKidd calls it a "rock bottom moment" for Owen, one that prompts him to seek professional help from Derek, who obliges even as he treats Izzy Stevens (Katherine Heigl) who is battling stage 4 melanoma that has spread to her brain and liver.

"It's a very emotional episode," McKidd said. "It's really the first act to what will happen in the rest of the season."

Among the burning questions from fans: Will Izzy die? And will Heigl and co-star T.R. Knight leave "Grey's Anatomy" for good?

McKidd shoots down the rumored departures, saying, "Everybody's still there. Everybody's got their contracts. Everybody's working and everybody's in every episode that I've read so far."

As for Izzy's condition, McKidd points out she's in the care of the same medical team that has tackled brain parasites, face transplants and a teenage boy impaled by a tree.

"There is a 5 percent chance of survival," he said of Izzy's cancer. "We've saved worse cases than that."

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