Did Kate Make Jon Sign a Contract?

"Jon & Kate Plus 8" stars reportedly have a marital arrangement for show.

ByABC News
March 11, 2009, 7:56 PM

May 20, 2008— -- Their marriage may be on the rocks, but Jon and Kate Gosselin reportedly plan to present a united front -- at least on their hit reality show.

With the fifth season premiere of TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8" just around the corner, more allegations about the stars' troubled marriage continue to surface. According to the latest story from Kate's brother and sister-in-law Kevin and Jodi Kreider, Kate had Jon sign a contract stipulating that he could date other people -- as long as he showed up for the filming of their show.

Laurie Goldberg, a spokesperson for TLC, refused to comment on the report. "We wouldn't dignify that with a comment," she told ABCNews.com in an e-mail.

In the third installment of their interview with Radar Online, the Kreiders said Jon told them that Kate approached him with the contract "a while ago." The contract states that "he can have girlfriends and do his own thing, that they will live separate lives, they just need to continue the show," Jodi said.

"In exchange, Jon needs to show up for filming," Kevin Kreider added. "Jon needs to be there when the filming is going on. Otherwise, he has the freedom certain days to do whatever he wants."

Both Jon and Kate Gosselin have been battling accusations of infidelity and serious marital problems, celebrity tabloids have reported.

Last week the Gosselins' own family joined the chorus of criticism aimed at the TV couple. Kevin Kreider told Radar Online that the relationship has been effectively over for some time.

"Kate came to Jon and said, effectively, 'it's over,'" Kevin Kreider said. "I don't think typically I would say this, but they're showing America that it's a thriving family. And it's not what they're living."

Last week, People magazine told "Good Morning America" that Kate had acknowledged her marriage was in trouble.

"Kate's very clear on what has and has not happened," People magazine's Kate Coyne said. "For starters, she's adamant that she has in no way been unfaithful, that the allegations that she's had an affair are horrifying to her. And she's also very honest about the fact that she and her husband have hit a serious rough patch, and they've been struggling for a while."

This week, the Kreiders said they were concerned most about the impact on the couple's eight children.

"This is a train wreck for all to see," Jodi said. "Watching this family destruct should not be used as a form of entertainment."

This is not reality and it hasn't been for a very long time," Jodi Kreider added. "It's turned into a huge money making machine and that is everyone's priority."