Five Things You Didn't Know About Kathy Griffin

She may claim to spend her life on the bottom rungs of Hollywood society, but Kathy Griffin's secrets are decidedly A-list.

For that matter, so are the people who appear on the latest season of her reality TV show, "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List," whose fifth season begins tonight at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo. Bette Midler, Lily Tomlin, Suzanne Somers, Rosie O'Donnell, Christina Aguilera, T.I. and Paris Hilton are some of the marquee names who "mentor" the comedian on her fake quest to up her celebrity quotient.

The Emmy-award winning comedian recently revealed to five things no one knows about her. Are they all 100-percent true? Well, no -- but that doesn't make her confessions any less juicy. Clearly, after four seasons on "The D-List," Griffin's learned that the key to gaining more street cred in Hollywood is stirring up a scandal or two.

1. 'I Slept With Jon Gosselin From 'Jon & Kate Plus 8'

"Last night, I slept with Jon Gosselin from 'Jon & Kate Plus 8.' I think you should know that this is in no way a shameless attempt to get people to watch "The D-List" on Monday nights instead of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8.' Jon and I discussed it last night after we hooked up at the Boar's Head Inn in Reading, Penn. We were just spooning and laughing about how ironic it is that our shows are on the same night. It was really good for him. It wasn't that good for me. He kind of phoned it in, frankly.

2. 'I Have a Better Body Than Paris Hilton'

"I have a much better bikini body than Paris Hilton and she is a wreck about it. You can imagine that this must be traumatizing for her, to be photographed with me this season on 'The D-List' and find out that I have a more rocking body than her. She's had to drown her sorrows in Doug Reinhardt from 'The Hills,' who's probably going to leave her for me. I'm juggling several men right now. Several cast members from "The Hills, one of the Jonas brothers who will go unnamed, and of course, Jon from 'Jon & Kate Plus 8.'"

3. Kathy Griffin's Secrets: 'I Partied With Sidney Poitier, Vernon Jordan, and Suzanne Sommers'

"I have a picture of myself standing between [Monica Lewinsky lawyer] Vernon Jordan and [Oscar-winning actor] Sidney Poitier. It was taken at Suzanne Sommers' Malibu compound. You would never think I would be in a photograph with Vernon and Sidney at Suzanne Sommers' house. She is the most A-list of the A-list. No one's seen this picture before, it's a world exclusive. My secret dream is for Oprah to see the picture. It would be a like a punch in Oprah's gut. It would hit her pretty hard."

4. 'Financial Planning With Suze Orman Is My Porn'

"Today alone, I got three e-mails from Suze Orman. We're friends. When I'm going to see her, she says bring your financials, and I'll go there and do financial planning with Suze. That is my porn. It's fabulous."

5. 'I'm on a Scientology Watch List'

"I have been told that I am on a Scientology watch list as one of the foremost people that makes fun of Scientology. This, of course, makes me almost as happy as bringing Suze Orman my financials. I'm perfectly comfortable being on any watch list. It means at least someone's watching me. You'll never be able to confirm that in a million years. It's just something I've been told."