Here's What the Actor Who Originally Voiced Arnold in 'Hey Arnold' Looks Like Today

Oh heyyyyyyyy, Arnold.

— -- Oh heyyyyyyyy, Arnold.

The internet can't get over just how good looking the actor who voiced Arnold in the hit 90's Nickelodeon TV show "Hey Arnold" is today.

"It's a little overwhelming, but I'm super grateful," Lane Toran, 33, told ABC News. "And it's definitely nice to be recognized for that all."

Toran played Arnold for the entire first season and for a few episodes on the next season before they had to transition to another actor as his voice changed.

"'Hey Arnold' was actually my first audition for voice over," Toran said. "It came out at a time when I was watching cartoons myself, and I was just as excited myself to watch."

Toran, whose parents were both actors, grew up in Los Angeles where he started acting when he was around 11 years old. He was just 12 years old when he booked the role of Arnold.

"All the [recording] sessions were always fun," Toran said. "They would have all the kids in one big room together, and you'd just get to interact and do the scenes with everyone."

Toran went on to do other voice over work, including playing King Bob on "Recess." When he was 17 or 18, Toran said he stopped acting to focus on making music.

"Ever since the beard became popular I definitely did some modelling from different companies – it's been fun for me but I'm not really looking to be a model, per se," said Toran.

With recent announcement of a ‘Hey Arnold' TV movie being in the works, Toran said no one's reached out to him about reprising his role. But Toran said he's still good friends with Francesca Smith, who played the voice of Helga Pataki on the show.

Today, Toran and his wife Jaclyn Betham, an actress and ballet dancer, live in North Carolina, where he's focused on remodeling their new home. Toran said Betham, who he met at a casting office, is enjoying all the recent attention he's gotten.

"She's taking it in stride," Toran laughed.