'Adventures in Babysitting' Re-Imagined in New TV Movie

"Adventures in Babysitting" premieres Friday on the Disney Channel.

June 22, 2016, 10:22 AM

— -- There's a new generation of babysitters ready to embark on an adventure.

Disney Channel stars Sofia Carson and Sabrina Carpenter play two rival sitters in the TV film, "Adventures in Babysitting," which features more bad guys and unruly kids just like the classic 1987 film.

"It's just filled with so much genuine laughter, and comedy and unforgettable moments," Carson said today on "GMA."

Carson and Carpenter weren't even born when the original movie starring Elizabeth Shue was released 29 years ago.

"It's such a classic movie," Carson said. "The comedy's so timeless."

Carpenter chimed in: "I mean, Elizabeth Shue is just like the ultimate babysitter. Everybody wanted to be her."

In this version, everything goes haywire when one child disappears.

Carpenter takes on the role of the straight-laced babysitter Jenny.

"She gets on my nerves sometimes," Carpenter said of her character. "She's so uptight."

Carson plays the opposite of Jenny as the rebellious, care-free Lola.

"I love Lola," Carson said. "I love that she's such a free spirit. She's so brave. She lives life by her own rules and isn't afraid to take risks."

"Lola taught me a good lesson," she added. "Never lose a child."

"Adventures in Babysitting" premieres Friday on the Disney Channel.

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