Alec Baldwin Involved in Paparazzi Altercation

The actor has had many altercations with paparazzi in the past.

August 27, 2013, 1:04 PM
PHOTO: Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin fights with a photographer over his wife in New York City, Aug. 27, 2013.
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Aug. 27, 2013 -- Alec Baldwin was involved in an altercation with a paparazzi in New York City today, his latest confrontation with the ubiquitous photo-takers who track the moves of celebrities.

According to TMZ, which first reported the news, the photographer, who has not been named in the account, nor by authorities, claimed that he did not initiate the fight. "All I can say is I was doing my job asking him normal questions and he flipped," he said. "That's all."

However, a source said the opposite was true.

"The photographer was the aggressor," the source told ABC News. "He even chased Alec's wife [Hilaria] into a store after the incident."

The website later reported that both parties admitted to pushing each other.

When contacted by ABC News, Lt. Karen Anderson of the NYPD said that "nobody got hurt" and that no police report was filed.

A rep for Baldwin had no comment.

Alec Baldwin Scuffles with Photographer

Baldwin, 55, and his wife, 29, welcomed a daughter, Carmen Gabriela, in New York City last Friday.

"We are overjoyed to announce the birth of our daughter, Carmen Gabriela. She is absolutely perfect. @ABFalecbaldwin @IrelandBBaldwin," the new mom tweeted.

Alec Baldwin Curses at Photographer Last Summer

A day later, Baldwin's 17-year-old daughter with ex-wife Kim Basinger, Ireland, penned a letter to her new sister.

"You have been born into one crazy family," she wrote. "You are both lucky and cursed at the same time."

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